Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Final meet Troubles double

Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Final meet Troubles double

Kulfi Kumar Today Sikandar Final meet Troubles double Tuntuna regrets to send Kulfi alone in anger. Kulfi returns to him. He gets surprised. She tells him about the bus breaking down on the way and the reason for her return. He apologizes to her. He promises her that he will drop her to Kartarpur. She asks him about singing her dad’s song. He learns that she is Sikandar’s daughter. He respects Sikandar’s talent. He is his big fan. She tells him that she is Sikandar’s little fairy. He tells her that he admires Sikandar a lot and loves his songs.

She is glad to know that Sikandar is loved and famed even in other countries. He tells her that he regrets that he didn’t show courage before. He takes her to Kartarpur. Lovely gets an electric shock when she tries to straighten her hair. The short circuit trips the fuse. The chawl people get another chance to laugh on Lovely for her scary look. Sikandar reaches the Dargah which he wanted to visit since long. Tuntuna gets Kulfi to the same place. Sikandar finds the cops behind. He rushes inside the Dargah to save himself. He feels he is wrong.

He hides his identity just to find Kulfi. He apologizes to the Dargah Baba, who blesses him. Kulfi feels Sikandar’s presence at the Dargah. She doesn’t know that he is so close to her. Sikandar conceals his identity. Kulfi prays that she reaches Kartarpur Gurudwara and then meets her dad. She wants to see Sikandar. Sikandar doesn’t want to pray for himself. He just prays for Kulfi. Tuntuna and Sikandar hide from the cops again and make an escape. Tuntuna asks Kulfi to come with him. Kulfi sings an emotional song at the mosque. Sikandar hears her song and recognizes her voice.

He rushes to meet her. He gets caught by the cops who suspect him post his escape from the station. Kulfi senses that Sikandar is in trouble. She prays for Sikandar. When he fails to reach Kulfi, he sings for her to make his voice reach her. Kulfi realizes Sikandar is also around. She runs to meet him. The police doesn’t believe that Sikandar is really looking for his daughter. They arrest Sikandar. Kulfi learns about a man’s sudden arrest at the mosque. She fears that Sikandar is in trouble. Will Kulfi and Sikandar finally meet? Keep reading.

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  1. Dam !!! Sorry for that but why do kulfie always lost her dad ? And why don’t they have a happy ever after? Is this kulfie the same as “Kulfie the singing star”? Or is this kulfie a new kulfie?


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