Kulfi Kumar Starplus Worst moment for little Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Worst moment for little Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Worst moment for little Kulfi Kulfi and Tuntuna have an emotional moment. He wants her to be happy and return to her dad. Sikandar gets tensed when the police drops him mid way. He wonders what’s the reason that she got him down the jeep on the stranded route. Kulfi finally reaches the Gurudwara with much devotion and belief. Elsewhere, Lovely gets stubborn again. She wants to meet Sikandar’s enemy Jimmy to take help. She doesn’t think the chawl is a good place to live. Amyra and the kids play. Lovely vents anger on the kids. Raju defends the kids. Lovely gets into a fight with the chawl people. Raju worries that Sikandar’s medical reports can be seen by Lovely. The chawl people refuse to accept Lovely. She doesn’t have any interest in them either.

She contacts Jimmy to fix a meeting. The cops tell Sikandar that they have verified his statement. He asks him not to run away, its their duty to find Kulfi. He asks Sikandar to meet the Indian embassy official. He values Sikandar’s love for his daughter. He tells that they will find Kulfi at the Dargah and unite her with him. He gives a soothing assurance. Sikandar gets pleased on finding them so helpful. They take Kulfi to the Gurudwara. Kulfi prays for Sikandar. He loses his physical strength while crossing the distance. He falls sick. Kulfi recalls Himmat’s words. She wants her answers.

She wants to know the reason for Sikandar’s weird behavior, the problem he is hiding from them for so long. She wants to know his helplessness. She doesn’t wish her dad to walk on the wrong path. Later, Lovely meets Jimmy to take help. He suspects that Sikandar had sent her. She tells him that she can’t stay in the chawl, she is ready to do anything to get her lost property back. She apologizes to him. He reveals that he had returned the property and song rights to Sikandar already. She wants to ask Sikandar why is he still forcing them to stay in the chawl.

She doesn’t want to face the poverty. He asks her to confront Sikandar and not waste his time. Kulfi gets guidance and prays for her dad. Sikandar looks for his daughter. He breaks down when he doesn’t find her. He feels guilty that he has done so much wrong. He also gets the guidance. He wishes to see Kulfi once. He gains strength to begin his search again. Sikandar and Kulfi try to connect by music again. Sikandar collapses down. Kulfi gets her answers when she learns about the critical illness with which Sikandar has been fighting.

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