Nimkii Vidhayak Kahan Tum Upcoming Spoilers

Nimkii Vidhayak Kahan Tum Upcoming Spoilers

Nimkii Vidhayak Kahan Tum Upcoming Spoilers Doctor tells Nimki that they have to get Dadi’s operation performed on the same day. Tillu tells her that they can’t decide in Mintu’s absence. Nimki gives the consent for the treatment. She wants Dadi to get fine. Nimki gets Mintu’s Dadi treated for her illness. Ganga fakes her emotions for Parag. She wants to see how he manages her responsibilities. He wants to declare that he is going to join her party. Ganga wants to see his efforts. Mintu gets conscious. He is worried for Dadi. Tillu lies to him that she is at home.

Mintu gets adamant to meet her. Tillu doesn’t understand Nimki, since she is positive and negative also. She tells that she is confusing but she knows to make place in hearts. He agrees with her, since he also likes her. Mintu learns that his Dadi is fine now and will go home soon, since the tumor is removed. Nimki tells him that she will keep fighting with Dadi. Mintu gets glad to know this news. He happily hugs her. Nimki feels for Mintu. Nimki dances with Anaro in the hospital. Anaro is happy to see Nimki so much happy. She gets puzzled for a while. She wants to know the reason for Nimki’s happiness.

Nimki dances with the hospital staff. Nimki is happy that Anaro has completely recovered. She thinks her efforts have paid off, Anaro can go home and stay with the family. She plans to take Anaro home and make her life better. The family isn’t sure of Anaro’s positive change. Nimki shows the pictures of the family. Anaro recalls the family members and names them. Nimki wants to know her motives too. Abhimanyu asks her to stay alert of Anaro, who may take revenge.

Nimkii Vidhayak Kahan Tum Upcoming Spoilers:

The Sippy family confronts Sonakshi for ruining their family by revealing the truth. Rohan asks her how could anyone print the sensitive news when Sonakshi didn’t say it. He blames her for leaking the matter. Naren tells them that Sonakshi is an actress and would like drama in the family. He tells that she has done everything to get more fame and come in limelight. Sonakshi asks them to trust her, she didn’t do anything wrong. They Sippys reprimand her for not listening to him and doing her wishful. Sonakshi clarifies that she didn’t tell anything such to Tapasya. The family doesn’t believe her.

They want to stop Pooja from knowing the truth. Suman also learns the shocking news. She wonders if Sippys will blame Sonakshi for this. She reaches Sippy mansion to defend her daughter. Rohit will surprisingly take a stand for Sonakshi and defend her, knowing she had saved Pooja’s dignity before by risking her own life.


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