Rishtey Pyarr Vatsal stunning entry Abir Mishti meet

Rishtey Pyarr Vatsal stunning entry Abir Mishti meet

Rishtey Pyarr Vatsal stunning entry Abir Mishti meet Mishti makes a surprising entry in the party. She stuns Vishwamber and Rajshri. She tells them that she wanted to surprise them by being part of their celebrations. Abir meets Meenakshi and tells her that he couldn’t come on lunch, since he had made plans with Kunal already. He gets the same khichdi left over by Mishti to consume, since he doesn’t want to encourage Meenakshi’s efforts. He wants to ignore Meenakshi, being upset that his mum didn’t care for his happiness. He feels cursed that he could never get his love. He tells Meenakshi that Khichdi is his favorite. He doesn’t say that it reminds him of Mishti.

When Meenakshi asks him to go through the pictures of selected models, Abir leaves the selection on her. He tells that he believes in her choice. Kaushal asks him to then marry the girl of Meenakshi’s choice. Abir gets speechless. He asks about the project’s investor so that he can finish the meeting beforehand. He learns about the NRI investor arriving in Rajkot. Abir fixes a meet with him. Mishti gives a unique idea to Kuhu. She plans Vishwamber and Rajshri’s remarriage on the eve of their golden jubilee anniversary. The still young at heart couple celebrates their 50th marriage anniversary.

Mishti, Kuhu and entire Maheshwari family enjoy the celebrations. Kunal reaches the house to meet Kuhu’s family. Nidhi wants to see Maheshwaris’ party on the video call. She connects to Kunal. Abir too thinks of Maheshwaris, whom he has hurt a lot before. He misses Mishti. Nidhi demands Kunal to show them the party happenings. They get to see Kuhu’s grand party event. Abir doesn’t see Mishti. Kuhu and Mishti get emotional when they see the marriage happening. They recall their engagement and marriage functions. Kuhu stops Kunal from entering the house.

She asks him not to pretend and make relations, since her family will be hurt when he tells them about the divorce. Nidhi is concerned for Mishti, who would face a terrible time in moving on. Abir feels bad since he had put Mishti in such sorrow. Mishti tells everyone about Nannu. She can’t stop praising Nannu for his maturity and smartness. Jasmeet wants to get a Punjabi girl for Nannu. Mishti tells her that Nannu isn’t coming home to avoid the marriage talks. Kuhu asks Kunal to stay away from her family.

He questions her about her bonding with his family. She tells him that she is helpless to stay in his house and didn’t intend to cheat anyone. Kunal wants to explain that he wishes her in his life. Mishti hides her sorrow from everyone. She tells the family that she has moved on and forgotten Abir. She asks them not to feel odd to name Abir. Vishwamber feels proud of Mishti’s strength. Mishti and Abir come face to face once again through their common link, Abir’s investor, who happens to be Mishti’s business partner.

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