Sanjivani 2 Sid Ishani team up against Asha’s clever ploy

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Sanjivani 2 Sid Ishani team up against Asha’s clever ploy Ishani is much hurt that Sid isn’t listening to her, not even saying anything in response. She wanted Sid to believe her. Sid tells her that he doesn’t want her to interfere in his matters. She tells him that Asha is behind the conspiracy, even if he doesn’t believe her. She asks Sid and Asha to forgive her. She taunts them that none can help Sid now, since Sid isn’t ready to open his eyes and see the reality. Sid feels Ishani can never lie about Asha for any reason. Ishani ends ties with Sid and Asha.

She doesn’t want them as her friends. Asha thinks she has won in the game and now Ishani can’t defeat her. She wants to ruin Sid’s life. Sid gets angered that he has hurt Ishani’s heart. He thinks why is Ishani claiming such about Asha. He doesn’t know the reason. He thinks there is some truth behind the accusations. Rahil consoles a heartbroken Ishani. He asks her to be with Sid and support him. She is helpless. She doesn’t think Sid will listen to her. Sid knew that Ishani would get hurt if he loves her.

Ishani thinks its her mistake to fall for Sid. Vardaan and Asha are happy that Sid and Ishani are finally defeated. Vardaan tells Asha that Sid won’t get any help now. He asks her to be alert of Ishani, who can do anything for her love. He gives a chance of performing an important surgery to Asha. He asks her not to fall in Ishani’s trap. Asha doesn’t want Ishani to come in her path to success. Sid misses Ishani. Ishani doesn’t want to bother him. She avoids him, which makes him worry. Asha is glad to see the distance between them. Ishani taunts Sid for cheating her in love. Sid wants to talk to her and explain his concern.

She doesn’t want his concern. Sid tries to bond with her. She tells him that she didn’t lie about Asha. She asks him to understand her perception and know the truth about Asha. She tells him that Asha is hiding some big secret and very soon he will know it. She tells Sid that she will not help him unless he asks for it. Sid apologizes to her. He wants to test Asha. She tells him that it will get too late till he realizes the truth. She asks him to believe her that she never lies and never cheats. He knows her true persona.

Asha plans another thing against Sid to prove him a careless doctor. Sid doubts on Asha and realizes that Ishani’s claims were true. Sid wants to find out the truth. He goes to seek help from Ishani. Sid catches Asha red-handed. He finds her answers weird. Ishani is upset that Sid didn’t believe her before. Sid and Ishani turn into smart doctors team once again to expose Asha’s truth. How will Sid and Ishani find Asha’s truth? Asha’s track is soon going to end in the show. Vardaan will play his secret conspiracies against Sid. Keep reading.

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