Yeh Rishta StarPlus Stunning Decision for Kaira

Yeh Rishta StarPlus Stunning Decision for Kaira

Yeh Rishta StarPlus Stunning Decision for Kaira Dadi, Kairav and family welcome Kartik and Naira home. Dadi hugs Naira and blesses her for saving Kartik’s life once again. She also hugs Vedika that she saved Kairav’s life. She tells Vedika that she isn’t upset with her. Vedika feels she is wrong to put them at risk. She apologizes to them. The family forgives her and calls her a brave woman for saving them from the horrible phase. Kairav thanks Vedika and praises her bravery. Vedika tells him that Naira is more brave than her. She applauds Naira. Suwarna is worried that Naira and Vedika are under the same roof again. Akhilesh tells them that Akshat will soon get arrested.

Manish wishes that everything gets fine. Naira sheds tears that her life got complicated again because of her love confession to Kartik. She thinks she should have controlled her feelings. She is madly in love with Kartik. She didn’t intend to tell him. Kartik is too happy that Naira loves him. He thinks of the best moment of his life. The family is happy to get the news from police that Akshat is arrested. Kartik thanks Krishna ji to get his love back. He goes to his room to express his love for Naira. Manish wants Akshat to get severe punishment.

He wants justice for Vedika also. Suwarna wants Vedika and Naira’s lives to get sorted. Dadi tells her that she can’t help anyone, since both of them are right. Vedika is thankful that everything got fine, Akshat didn’t harm anyone. She thinks of Kartik and Naira’s moment. She feels bad that she came between two true lovers. She didn’t wish Naira to come between her marriage. Kartik gets falling for Naira. He tries to go close to her. She keeps herself engaged in work. She avoids him purposely. They have a hide and seek. He holds her hand forever. She gets away from him. He doesn’t like her getting distanced.

Kairav and Vansh watch the party video. They see Kartik and Naira’s moment in the video, but don’t get to hear the sound. They rush to Vedika to take help and watch the video. Vedika gets worried seeing the video. She also wants to know what had happened. Kartik tells Naira that he doesn’t care for anyone now. She tells him that their love is wrong, since she isn’t his legal wife now. He tells her that he doesn’t need to name their relation. Naira wants to know about their relation’s stand, which won’t have any name in the society. She explains him to move on with Vedika. She admits that she loves him, but their phase has passed.

He tells her that he can’t afford to lose her. Naira goes to stop Vedika from seeing the video. Vedika doubts on Naira. Naira makes an excuse about Kairav’s surprise. She feels guilty to lie to Kartik’s wife Vedika. She didn’t wish the complications in her life. Kartik doesn’t care for anyone. He wants Naira back in his life. He cries that their divorce can’t end their love, their love will always stay and Naira will always be of him. He wants to unite with Naira. Kartik and Naira will become Kaira again. He tries hard to get Naira’s approval for their relation.

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  1. I understand YRKKH should go on and trps must go up but it’s becoming rediculous again. So stupidly woven. Stop this nonsensical story. Unite kaira and end the serial enough is enough. It’s the fans who make it all for the serial to run however great it is.bifvthey are not happy why this stupid is still being dragged. Show kaira reunion. End with vedika.


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