Kahaan Tum Starplus Nishi stormy entry Ronakshi

Kahaan Tum Starplus Nishi stormy entry Ronakshi

Kahaan Tum Starplus Nishi stormy entry Ronakshi Sonakshi finds a smart way to save Pooja from the media’s questions. Rohit and Naren panic that Pooja needs medical aid as soon as possible. They wait for the medical staff and equipment. They try to get an ambulance to get Pooja to the hospital when she gets critical. Rohit asks Sonakshi to get the oxygen cylinder left by Raima so that they can at least balance Pooja’s breathing. Rohit worries for Pooja’s irregular breathing. Naren asks Sonakshi to stay away from their matter. He doesn’t want her help.

Rohit asks Sonakshi to just listen to him than anyone else. Sonakshi helps Pooja as per Rohit’s instructions. Veena asks Naren to keep his annoyance aside when Pooja is fighting for her life. Akash understands this and supports Sonakshi. Rohit and Sonakshi try to find some smart solution. Sonakshi goes to the balcony. She sees some reporters sent by Tapasya outside the house. She realizes that Tapasya is behind this move. She knows that Tapasya wants the news for the front page again. She tells the family that the ambulance can’t come home. She calls Pulkit to tell her plan. Rohit questions her.

The entire family misunderstand her again and yell at her for taking her own decisions. They don’t want Sonakshi to risk Pooja’s life. She explains that she has asked Dr. Dimpy to get the ambulance after she leaves from the house. She reveals her plan to get saved from the media. She tells that media will not spare Pooja, it won’t be easy to handle the media as they handle the police. Sonakshi explains her plan to trick Tapasya’s men and take Pooja secretly to the hospital. She tells that Pulkit is also on the way to Sippy hospital with Suman, where he will be hospitalizing Suman to book the ICU for Pooja.

He asks them not to let anyone know about Pooja’s suicide. She explains that Pooja will become the headlines again if the reporters know about her suicide. Rohit agrees with her plans. The Sippys also think Sonakshi’s plan is right. Sonakshi fools the reporters by taking Vimmi in her car. Tapasya’s men stop her on the way and compel her to let them click some pictures of the patient. Sonakshi succeeds in her plans. They get shocked to see the house maid Vimmi. They have no interest to click her pictures.

Sonakshi tells them that their plan has failed and now Tapasya won’t be able to do anything. She tells Tapasya that being an actress, she knows to play drama well. She asks Tapasya to keep trying. Tapasya wants revenge on Rohit. She can’t forgive him for his way to extract the truth. She is frustrated. She asks her to keep following Sonakshi. Sonakshi is happy that her plan worked. Rohit takes Pooja to the hospital by following Sonakshi’s plan. Tapasya learns that Rohit didn’t accompany Pooja. She thinks her men followed the wrong car. Sonakshi gets applauded for her clever plan. She feels her fame has come in between her family happiness this time.

She never thought that her in laws will suffer because of her stardom. Pooja’s life is rescued in the hospital. Sonakshi doesn’t want to upset anyone. She distances herself, which makes Rohit realize her good intentions. Rohit informs about the blood units needed for Pooja. Yash wants to donate the blood. Rohit makes him realize that he isn’t Pooja’s real dad. Naren manages the situation and assures Yash that he will arrange the blood. Rohit is sure that Naren will be arranging the rare blood group units.

Veena thanks Sonakshi for solving the mess. Sonakshi feels guilty. Rohit pacifies her. He tells her that Pooja will be fine, his family members have own perceptions. He tells that Naren jumps to conclusions soon and gets judgemental about everything. He doesn’t like Naren’s attitude. He asks her to give some time to her family so that they accept her well.

He guarantees to keep her happy. He wants her to not let any matter hurt her. He becomes her support. He is sure that all the problems will end if they are together. Tapasya makes a new plan to strike Sippys. She understands that Sonakshi and Rohit have covered up for Pooja’s suicide attempt. She doesn’t have any pictures or proof. She gives a tip to the police to trouble Sonakshi. She wants the police to investigate about Pooja’s suicide.

Sonakshi doesn’t want the police to know about Pooja, since this would make the news spread. Nishi reaches home and learns that Pooja is rushed to the hospital. Nishi’s stormy entry will bring shocking twists. Will Nisha blame Sonakshi or be grateful to her for saving Pooja’s life? Keep reading for more on this show.

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