YRKKH Today Naira Kartik new love twists begin

YRKKH Today Naira Kartik new love twists begin

YRKKH Today Naira Kartik new love twists begin Vedika unites Kartik and Naira by deciding to divorce Kartik. She asks Kartik to sign the divorce papers. Kartik feels indebted to her. He didn’t know that Vedika will simplify his complicated life by giving him divorce. He also agrees for the divorce, since he wants to move on with Naira. Naira sinks in guilt. She didn’t wish to make her own happy world by ruining someone’s dreams. Vedika’s sacrifice starts troubling Naira. The family cries on hearing Vedika’s words. Kartik apologizes to Vedika for not being a good friend. Vedika tells them that Naira can rightfully come home once she makes a leave.

Kartik fails to sign the papers since Dadi faints down because of the shock. Doctor tells the family that Dadi had fainted by an upsetting shock. The family worries for Vedika, who has no one in the world. They pity Vedika who has lost her husband and family. They want to support Vedika despite the fact that Vedika will no longer be Kartik’s wife. They feel responsible as Vedika’s family. They are surprised to know that both Kartik and Naira love each other and want to reconcile. They come to a conclusion that Vedika’s decision is for Kartik, Naira and Kairav as well.

They don’t know Kairav to know the harsh truth that Kartik is married to Vedika. They want Dadi to be happy and away from any sort of shocking matters. Dadi stays worried for Vedika, who is her responsibility. She didn’t know that Kartik will decide to marry Naira again and leave behind Vedika. She feels scared that Vedika will be committing suicide. She wakes up from the nightmare. Kairav and Vansh want to know about the family’s weird behavior. Vedika hides the divorce papers from them. Kartik and Naira didn’t wish the things to happen this way. They are worried that Vedika is wronged.

Kartik tells her that he is guilty to make a mistake of marrying Vedika. Naira feels guilty that she returned and snatched Vedika’s happiness. Kartik pacifies her. He tells that he can never love Vedika. Naira knows that Vedika is shattered. Kartik asks her not to stress much. Dadi shouts that Vedika is trying to end her life. Vedika hugs Dadi and tells that she is fine because of their love. Dadi apologizes to her. Vedika shows a big heart again. She asks them to plan happiness for Kartik and Naira. She wants them to unite and stay happy. Naira feels sorry. She didn’t wish to break anyone’s dreams. Vedika knows Naira is sinking in guilt. Naira apologizes to her for not keeping her promise.

Vedika tells that Kartik’s love is the reason that Naira is here. She accepts that Kartik loves only Naira and none can take that place. She respects Kartik and Naira’s true love. She is glad to unite them. Kartik is glad to hear her. He signs the divorce papers. Dadi weeps sadly. Vedika tells them that she is going away forever. She wants to live with Pallavi. Kartik and Naira try to stop her. Vedika doesn’t listen. Singhanias also offer help to Vedika. Vedika is sure to handle her life. They feel bad that they didn’t keep their duty towards Vedika. Vedika carries Kartik’s picture. Kairav happens to see this and questions her. Vedika feels she has no right on the picture. She returns the picture.

She leaves Goenkas and Singhanias forever. They still want to convince Vedika and get her back to help her move on in life. The families plan Kartik and Naira’s marriage. They wait for the divorce to happen soon. Kartik and Naira feel new love in their lives. They get shy and decide to propose for marriage. They have awkward moments. Kartik plans a romantic proposal for Naira.

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