Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 New twists for Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 New twists for Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagyaa Zee5 New twists for Abhigya Rhea doesn’t want Aaliya to get scared. Aaliya worries for Rhea’s emotional control. She asks Rhea to go home with Vikram. Vikram arranges Aaliya’s bail orders. Inspector argues with Vikram to vent anger. Vikram gets special permissions to get Aaliya out. Vikram takes Aaliya and Rhea along. Aaliya feels she hates Pragya and now Prachi. She swears to ruin Prachi’s life. Rhea is angered that Prachi has troubled Aaliya this time. Disha gets conscious and finds Pragya and Purab with her. Pragya comforts Disha. She tells how Purab has been caring for her. Disha doesn’t want Purab’s attention, though she is thankful. Prachi takes care of Sarita like Pragya does.

Shahana asks Rishi about the attacker. She gives a hint that maybe Priyanka had attacked Madhu. Rishi gets alert. Priyanka stays at the lodge. She hides from the world. She shows the fake injuries to cook up a story. She checks the newspaper. She finds her news and is happy. She wants Rishi to get arrested. She hopes that Abhi punishes Rishi. She thinks why isn’t Rishi arrested, as if Abhi isn’t taking interest in her case. She wants to vent anger on Rhea if Abhi fails her plan. Abhi calls Rhea to pacify her. Rhea tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him.

She tells that Aaliya is out of the bars without his help. Abhi doesn’t want to hurt her. He tells the manager that his daughter is much upset with him. He hopes to convince her. Abhi hopes Disha is fine. Purab and Disha’s emotions awaken in the weak moment, when he fears of losing her. Disha doesn’t want him to get sad. She shows his faith on him. She tells him that nothing can happen to her when he is around. She doesn’t want to think of the past. She melts her annoyance. Purab gets a moment of peace with her after a long time. Disha tells Purab that she doesn’t hate him.

Ritik reaches her with concern. Pragya tells that she had informed Ritik about her. Disha apologizes to make fun of his concern. Purab gets angry on her when she talks about her death. Ritik realizes their unspoken love. Pragya wants to inform Prachi and Sarita about her. Ritik relieves Purab of his responsibility. Disha asks Purab to go home to his family. Purab offers them help. Abhi contacts him again. Purab tells him that he has to go home and explain Aaliya. Abhi tells about Aaliya’s arrest for Disha’s accident. They both realize that Aaliya did it intentionally. They don’t want to forgive Aaliya. Abhi plans to return home and sort the matter.

Pragya goes to her old home to collect some stuff. Shahana takes care of Sarita and Madhu. Rishi gets worried reading the news of Priyanka’s suicide. He thinks it will be a big issue if he gets blamed again. He wants to hide the newspaper from Sarita. Aaliya resumes her normal life. She gets angry on Daasi, who enquires about Disha’s welfare. Purab comes home to confront Aaliya. He tells Daasi that Pragya is taking care of Disha. Aaliya rages on Disha’s plotting to come in his life. She warns them against meeting Pragya again.

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