Kulfi Kumar Today Dying Sikandar final surprise

Kulfi Kumar Today Dying Sikandar final surprise

Kulfi Kumar Today Dying Sikandar final surprise Kulfi is very happy that she could arrange the money to give to the saint in order to get a solution to Sikandar’s huge problem. She gives him the money and asks him for the medicine to save Sikandar’s life. He hands over a medicine to her. She happily thanks him. She feels that she will now be able to save Sikandar. Her happiness shines in her eyes. He thinks he is doing wrong to cheat her and give her false hopes when her dad is really dying. He feels guilty of his actions. He apologizes to her and throws the fake medicine away. She gets puzzled by his move.

On the other hand, Jimmy’s ex-wife is worried for her son Fateh. She wants to take him abroad for his betterment. She gets a call that she has won a lottery. She learns that she has won a big amount. She is overjoyed and thinks to take Fateh to US. She plans to get his trauma treated there. Sikandar makes Raju call her to help. He knew that she would not accept his help if he had directly helped her. He lessens his guilt by helping Fateh, whom he kidnapped and tortured before. The saint tells Kulfi that he can’t save Sikandar. Kulfi breaks down.

She cries her sorrow. She wants to save her dad. She asks him if there is no other way possible. He tells her that he is a fake saint, his medicines are fake, but he knows one place where Sikandar can get cured by Ayurveda. He asks Kulfi to take Sikandar to Chandnaur. She is grateful to him for the useful advice. She goes back to the chawl. She finds everyone celebrating. Himmat thanks Sikandar for renovating the chawl. She tells him that everyone will be happy now. Sikandar provides all the comforts to the chawl people.

He gifts a taxi to Raju as a token of love. He pays the school fees of the chawl kids. Everyone thanks him. Sikandar tells Lovely that he has a surprise for her. He takes his family back to their old house. He welcomes Lovely, Kulfi and Amyra home. They are happy and emotional to recall their old times. Amyra and Kulfi get delighted to get back their old home. Sikandar tells them that he has rectified his mistakes. He wants them to believe him. Kulfi hugs him. Amyra asks Kulfi to bring her stuff to her room. She wants to stay with Kulfi in the same room. They are happy together. Sikandar goes to his music room.

Lovely researches about some cure for Sikandar. She tells him that his life can get saved. She wants him to meet the best doctors. He tells her that he has tried everything, but there is no way that he can survive. He doesn’t want to discuss about his illness. He wants to just spend time with his family and make memories to die in peace. He asks her to help him. Lovely breaks down. He tells her that he will leave the house if she talks about his illness again. Lovely cries a lot. Kulfi overhears their conversation.

She feels sad. Sikandar goes away to call Mohendar. He asks Mohendar to get Bebe and Gunjan home. He tells that he has earned everything back the right way. He gives the good news. He looks forward to have his entire family together. Kulfi wants to tell Sikandar about Chandnaur. She tells him that she wants to visit Chandnaur with him, its her wish. He gets ready to fulfill her wish. She wants to get him treated and help him live a long life with them. Will little Kulfi succeed in her big motive? Keep reading.

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  1. I don’t like what is happening to kulfi why she can’t have her father because amyra is boring and she have her father. Kulfi doesn’t deserve this at all now this story is boring because kulfi was longing to get her father now that she got him another grama no is not fair we want to see kulfi happy with her father

    • We all want amyra and sikandar cute scenes….. (Myra and mohit is soooooo cute)…. And btw amyra is not boring….she always surprises her talent with her cute acting and cute outfits……

  2. I really don’t like the way kulfi is safaring change the subject please. Let’s kulfi enjoy to be with father bring back Triver.

  3. I hate the way Kulfi us suffering I don’t even feel interested in watching kulfi any longer cause I’m tired of her feeling pain all the time I never missed a episode but now there are nights when I don’t even feel to watch if any longer, get Kulfi and Amyra to be friends again and make Kulfi happy she is always making sacrifices for everyone

  4. There’s redundancy.Can you please change the story line. Kulfi has suffered enough.This is creating the impression that step mother are evil


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