YRKKH Stunning Upcoming Nimki Vidhayak Highlights

YRKKH Stunning Upcoming Nimki Vidhayak Highlights

YRKKH Stunning Upcoming Nimki Vidhayak Highlights Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment when they meet to confess their love. They madly run on the road to reach each other. They have seen enough dreams of their love proposals. Their imaginations get engaging them all the time. They just want to end their wait by expressing their feelings. Their remarriage talk begins. The families are very happy for them. They happen to accompany the lovers and get to see their lovely, funny and weird confession. Finally, Kartik and Naira confess love and unite. They make a promise that this was the last time they have got separated.

They have a cute banter to add up more fun. They realize that they can fight, get upset but can’t stay separated. Kartik wants to make sure that he never hurts her heart again. Naira also promises to never run away from her loved ones. They want to become responsible parents for Kairav. They are glad to get another chance from the fate. They stay so lost in each other, that they realize it late that their families are around and watching them. The beautiful moment brings much joy for them. They bless the lovers to be united forever and never part ways. They think Kaira Vivaah will be a big surprise for Kairav, who will be witnessing the marriage happily.

Dadi and Nimki have an emotional conversation. Dadi feels bad for Anaro, who loved her son so much that she lost her mental balance on his demise. She tells Nimki that mother’s love is always true, and if Anaro assumes Mintu to be her son, then Mintu will definitely get her true love. She feels Mintu always felt lacking of his mother’s love. She is happy that Anaro will fill up his mum’s place. She tells Nimki that she is letting Mintu be with Anaro for this motive. Nimki jokes that Anaro may attack her. Dadi gets scared.

Nimki laughs at her. Anaro tells Mintu that she has yearned for him a lot. Mintu tells her that he also loves her. Nimki thinks if Anaro showed true love for her son, he would have been with her. Anaro asks Nimki to come to her. Nimki asks if she forgot her on getting her son. Anaro loves her as well. Mintu praises Nimki. Anaro asks Nimki not to call Babbu as Mintu. Nimki makes excuses. Tunne takes Nimki’s welfare. Nimki informs him that she will be coming home soon. Parag troubles the servants. Ganga asks him to focus on good work. She asks him to share his emotions. He wants revenge on Nimki and Mahua.

He tells that his ego is hurt. Ganga asks him to keep his character clean in front of the public, and she will fulfill his revenge on his enemies. She asks him if he accepts the deal. She learns about Mintu getting Anaro home. He tells that he can get Anaro killed. She tells him that they shouldn’t work in haste and just play along to reap benefits. Anaro sleeps in peace. Nimki wants to go home. Dadi wants Nimki to stay back and look after Anaro. Nimki tells that she has made all the arrangements. Anaro and Dadi don’t let her go away. Nimki and Mintu have a fight for the bed. Dadi finds them together and turns angry.

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