Jadu Hai Jinn Starplus Nimki Vidhayak Highlights

Jadu Hai Jinn Starplus Nimki Vidhayak Highlights

Jadu Hai Jinn Starplus Nimki Vidhayak Highlights Nimki gets questioned by Anaro and Dadi about her leaving. She doesn’t want to tell Anaro that she doesn’t stay with Mintu aka Anaro’s Babbu. She lies to Anaro that she is going out to bring milk. Anaro tells that the milk isn’t needed. Anaro asks her to go to her room and sleep. Nimki tells Dadi that its happening because of her, she is helpless to sleep in Mintu’s room. Chachi is worried that Nimki is stuck in this trap because of Anaro. Mahua and Tunne ask her not to take tension. Chachi feels Nimki is bearing a lot because of Anaro. Chachi gets hurt and cries.

Nimki finds Mintu’s childhood picture. She reads his diary. Mintu asks her to take rest. She tells him that she is happy for Anaro. She thanks him for all the help. He tells her that he is glad to get mum’s love. Chachi gets consoled by Mahua and Tunne. She likes their love. She wants Nimki and Mintu to get married. She thinks Mintu will keep Mintu happy. Nimki and Mintu get into an argument to occupy the bed. Dadi gets worried that her innocent grandson is with clever Nimki.

She goes to check on them. She finds them into a moment. She scolds Nimki. Mintu tells them that he has seen a dream and maybe its Anaro, whom he imagined as his mother. Dadi hides about Mintu’s connection with Ganga Devi.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka: Roshni and Aman sink in their memories. Roshni is much heartbroken. She feels she has a strong connection with Aman, which he never accepted. She keeps her esteem. She decides to never return to him even if he realizes her worth. She doesn’t want to hurt Aman and Parveen by her presence. She prefers to stay away from their lives. A month passes with Aman and Roshni trying to move on in their lives, staying upset over their broken relationship.

Roshni gets employment at the Jinn’s place. The jinn owns a cafe to create an illusion for Roshni and keep her close. He tries hard to keep her away from Aman. She works at the cafe and also bakes her favorite cookies. Dadi is worried that Aman can get saved if Roshni is with him. She learns that Aman will love Roshni only after the latter’s death. She doesn’t want Roshni to lose her life. The family gets signs of Jinn’s arrival. Aman gets an attack from the Jinn. He gets changing into the evil demi-Jinn. He wraps up his work and rushes out of his office. He struggles and leaves for home.

He reaches home and warns the family from coming after her. Dadi doesn’t know how to find Roshni. She wishes Aman falls in love with Roshni. Aman ruins his room when he turns into a devil. Roshni’s picture gets sighted by him. The family worries for him. Aman hurts himself. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. He calms down on seeing Roshni’s picture. The family finds him missing. They look for him.

He goes to meet Sameer and bash him up for breaking Roshni and his relation. Roshni gets hints that Aman is in danger. She wants to go to him. Jinn takes another avatar of an old lady. He stops Roshni from leaving from the cafe. His disguised is of a strange appearing old woman, who asks Roshni to hand over a little boy. Roshni doesn’t risk the boy’s life. She gets locked inside the cafe.

The jinn stops Roshni and tests her powers. Roshni gets provoked to turn into Ayana. The cafe staff tries to help Roshni. They fail and fall in danger. Roshni uses her Ayana’s powers. Her powers don’t work. Jinn controls Roshni’s powers and snatches her weapons. He makes Roshni defenseless. Roshni will try to save Aman from the evil Jinn.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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