Kulfi Kumar New musical track begins Sikandar accused

Kulfi Kumar New musical track begins Sikandar accused

Kulfi Kumar New musical track begins Sikandar accused Kulfi makes a wish to go to Chandnaur with Sikandar. He fulfills her wish. He tells her that they will go to Chandnaur soon, but after completing his work. He wants to meet Vijaylaxmi, a musician and artist. He decides to meet her on Lovely’s insistence. Sikandar takes Kulfi with him to meet Vijaylaxmi, an iconic artist of his old times. He sings her praises. He is er big fan. He respects her talents. Kulfi asks him will they go Chandnaur after meeting Vijaylaxmi. He gives her word. They come to meet Vijaylaxmi at her home. They don’t get to see her around. They think she isn’t at home and think of leaving.

What they come across is a shock for Sikandar, since he didn’t imagine Vijaylaxmi to be in that terrible state. He described her as a cheerful and happy soul. Kulfi asks if she is Vijaylaxmi. Sikandar greets Vijaylaxmi. He gets worried seeing her devoid emotional state. Kulfi is puzzled. Sikandar reminds her that they met ten years back. He finds her mentally unstable. She doesn’t recognize him. He introduces himself. Lovely calls him to tell him that she is much hurt because of him. She doesn’t want to give him any stress.

She is upset that he wanted to accept Vijaylaxmi’s deal instead Tony’s deal. She asks him if he regrets that she came in his life. He clarifies that he didn’t mean that. He tells her that he came to meet Vijaylaxmi to talk about the deal, but he doesn’t think things are fine. Sikandar and Kulfi look for Vijaylaxmi. They get scared seeing her strange behavior. Kulfi wants to leave from there. He calls Revati and tells her about Vijaylaxmi’s strange behavior. Revati asks him to leave from the house. Vijaylaxmi recognizes Sikandar.

She blames him for ruining her life and becoming a star. She regrets to trust him and losing her act. He is innocent and doesn’t get her point. She doesn’t let them go. She sings a beautiful song. Kulfi connects with her true art and cries with joy. She tells Sikandar that Vijaylaxmi is really a great singer. Vijaylaxmi forgets them soon and calls them thief. She faints down. Lovely gets upset that Sikandar went on his trip with Kulfi and left her alone. She wants to get selfish. She thinks she shouldn’t care if Sikandar is alive or dead. She wants to just shape Amyra and her future. She turns into a selfish person again.

Revati tells Sikandar that Vijaylaxmi is in a shock since she got betrayed by a singer, who backed out at the last minute. She tells that Vijaylaxmi’s album didn’t release and her career ended. Sikandar realizes that he didn’t sign the deal with her and put her in this state. Doctor tells him that Vijaylaxmi got stuck in that moment and isn’t able to recover. Revati doesn’t know who will help Vijaylaxmi. Doctor tells them that they have to recreate the moment and change it completely to make her normal again. Kulfi wants to go to Chandnaur.

She tells Sikandar that they will meet Vijaylaxmi later while they return. Sikandar is guilty that he had put Vijaylaxmi in such a terrible phase. He thinks its important to fix her life than going for a vacation. Kulfi hides the truth that they are going to find cure of his illness. Sikandar connects with his old buddies to recreate the moment and bring Vijaylaxmi to mental normalcy. Sikandar’s last musical journey begins for a good cause.

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