Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Memories knock for Karan Preeta

Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Memories knock for Karan Preeta

Kundali Bhagyaa Zee Memories knock for Karan Preeta Karan answers Rakhi that he is happy on his engagement day. Shrishti avoids Karan and goes, without doubting on Preeta. Karan tells Rakhi that he will clean his jacket and come back soon. He takes Preeta along for help. Shrishti goes to get help from Sameer. He finds her looking very cute in Japanese attire. He tells her about locking Mahira. He doesn’t want Shrishti to invite problems. She tells him that she worked hard to stop Mahira, but failed to keep her away. She wants to kidnap Mahira. He tells her that anything can happen to Mahira. He doesn’t want any criminal charges on them.

He tells her that Mahira can die if they hit on her head. She thinks to buy chloroform from the chemist. He doesn’t want to support her in the bad plans. She blackmails him emotionally to convince him. Prithvi suspects that Preeta has gone to Luthra house to stop Karan’s engagement. He wants to ruin her plans. He determines to kill Karan if Preeta chooses him. Preeta is glad to see Karan and his family happy. She feels bad that no one is missing her. She sheds tears. Karan questions her about her tears. He helps her. They get into a moment unknowingly. Karan fails to recognize the girl he loves the most.

He gets too close to her and still thinks she is just a waiter Pritam. She still believes that he is her best friend and love. She regrets to hide him the truth. Karan misses Preeta and doesn’t connect the dots. Shrishti tells Sameer that Mahira will not leave them if she goes inside. She asks Sameer to handle her. She drags him along. She tells him that Mahira will call someone and try to get help. Shrishti asks Mahira to not shout when she gets her out. Mahira promises her and wants her to unlock the door. Mahira wants to bash up Shrishti. She also gets prepared. She attacks Shrishti. Sameer hides from her.

Shrishti tries to faint her by using the chloroform. Shrishti shocks her by revealing her identity. She commits a mistake and faints down Mahira as well. Sameer and Mahira fall unconscious. Shrishti gets worried. Karan realizes Preeta’s identity for a while. She doesn’t want him to know her truth. He laughs on hearing her funny talk. Preeta gets shy when he removes his jacket for cleaning. Karan flaunts his biceps. He gives her tips to impress girls. Karan jokes on her staring. Shrishti finds Kareena coming to take Mahira for the engagement. She gets badly trapped. She hides Mahira and Sameer from Kareena. She tries to trick Kareena. Rakhi too enquires about Mahira.

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