Kumkum Bhagya Zee Ranbir Prachi shocking seize

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Ranbir Prachi shocking seize

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Ranbir Prachi shocking seize Sanju meets Prachi to know what she knows about Sunil’s murder. Prachi tells Sanju that she has seen Mane killing Sunil. Sanju asks her if she knows who had hired the waiter to defame her by spiking the drink. Prachi cries a lot and begs for her life. Sanju melts his heart on seeing her tears. He tells her that she will not be harmed, no one will kill her. She thanks him. He is glad that Prachi doesn’t know about him. He dances happily that she thinks he is a decent guy. Mane finds him mad. Sanju tells Mane that Prachi will love him and marry him. He wants to take her to his home. Mane slaps Guddu for forgetting that he is his boss.

Guddu apologizes to him. Mane demands the money. He tells Sanju that he will not release Prachi without the ransom. Sanju is ready to give any amount to get Prachi with him safely. Ranbir looks for Prachi. He gets a hint in the form of her bag. He realizes that someone took her away forcibly, she has got kidnapped. Guddu gets the money from Sanju. Rhea calls Sanju and informs him about Prachi’s disappearance. She asks him if he is behind the kidnapping. He calls off the suspicion on him. He doesn’t tell about Mane being Prachi’s kidnapper.

She tells him that Prachi’s family will find him, and not spare him. Sanju tells him that he didn’t do anything against Prachi. He thanks her for alerting him. He is happy to get ideas from her. Sanju pays the money to Mane. He doesn’t think to meet Prachi’s family to get her hand for marriage. He goes back to directly marry Prachi. He goes to Prachi again with a hope that she will fall in love with him. He tells her that he will marry her. She slaps him and tries to run. Sanju doesn’t want the goons to hurt her. Sanju tells Prachi that he loves her, but the goons can do anything to her. He asks her to accept his love.

Prachi wants to know his identity. He tells Prachi that he will get bridal dress for her. She questions his identity. He asks the goons to help him and get a pandit for the marriage. She provokes him to show his face than being a coward groom. He tells her that he isn’t mad, he will show his face after the marriage. She thinks she fell in this problem because of Ranbir. She gets angered. Ranbir tracks Prachi some how. He reaches the godown where Mane’s goons have kept Prachi. He enters the place to find her. He doesn’t know if he is falling in danger by being at some wrong place. He finds Prachi kidnapped.

He gets glad to finally find her. He wants to save her, being her hero. She runs away from there, while he tries to reach her. Prachi manages to escape from the godown before Sanju and Mane return. Ranbir gets sighted by Mane. He tells his goons about Ranbir finding the girl. Guddu tells him that they had seen Ranbir at the cafe. Ranbir gets caught by the goons. Ranbir gets pleasing them with his cheesy talk to save his life.

He tells them that he had come there by mistake. Mane doesn’t believe him. Ranbir tricks him by praising his looks and personality. Mane gets angry that he is fooling him. Ranbir tells Mane that he can just guide him to change his profession. Prachi sees Ranbir’s car. She realizes that Ranbir has come to save her and fell into the problem. She rushes back to save Ranbir.

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Nimki Vidhayak


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