Nimki Vidhayak Odd shocker for Nimki strikes

Nimki Vidhayak Odd shocker for Nimki strikes

Nimki Vidhayak Odd shocker for Nimki strikes Mahua comes home in a worried state. Nimki asks her the matter. Mahua tells her that the college mate thinks that she has passed the exams by Nimki’s help. She has worked hard for her exams. She didn’t get any recommendation from Nimki. She dislikes the blames. Nimki asks her not to be disheartened, since the college mates are jealous of her. She tells that Mahua has topped the college and she will celebrate this with family. She plans an outing with the family. Parag wants revenge on Nimki and Mahua. He wants to make their day memorable by awarding Mahua and insulting her in the function.

Nimki tells the family that they will celebrate at their home itself. They have a little celebration. Mintu calls Nimki to inform about Anaro’s strange request. She tells him that she will call Anaro’s son Diamond. Mintu tells her that Anaro wants a grandchild, Babbu and Nimki’s son. Anaro jokes on the odd request. Nimki asks Mahua to take Rambachan’s picture along, since he had inspired them to become successful. Mahua gets emotional and sheds tears. Parag reaches the college for the award ceremony.

He is called on the stage for the award distribution. Mahua doesn’t want to face him. Nimki asks her not to get scared and face him. Parag signals his man to send the fliers to disgrace Mahua. He takes the medal for Mahua. He acts positive. Mahua is shocked to see her modelling pictures. She gets embarrassed. Nimki takes a stand for her sister. The people mock Mahua. Abhimanyu and Tunne worry for Mahua. Parag offers help to Mahua after ruining her image. Nimki suspects Parag’s involvement in the incident. She swears to get her culprit punished. What will Nimki do to prove Parag’s evil plan? Keep reading.


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