Kasauti Zindagi Shocking plan Anurag Prerna new twist

Kasauti Zindagi Shocking plan Anurag Prerna new twist

Kasauti Zindagi Shocking plan Anurag Prerna face new twist Anurag worries for Prerna’s life and her baby. He wants her to be fine. Komolika is happy that her biggest dream is getting fulfilled. She wants her enemy to die. She is sure that Prerna won’t survive. She wants her tensions to end forever. She thinks Anurag will cry on her shoulder once Prerna dies. She goes home and shares her happiness with Mohini and Nivedita. She tells them that she wants to have sweets, since she is very happy for her big goal completion, mohini wants her to be smiling always. She is glad to see her happy after a long time. Anurag rushes Prerna to the hospital with the help of the lady doctor.

He wants Prerna to be strong and fight for her baby. Prerna gets treated in time. Anurag is panicking about her baby. He doesn’t want any harm to Prerna and her baby. He breaks the hospital rules to be with her. Ronit follows Anurag to the hospital. She learns that Prerna is alive. He wanted to kill her to end Komolika’s problems. He calls Komolika and gives the bad news that Prerna got saved from the accident. This ruins Komolika’s mood. She wants to go to the hospital and see Prerna herself.

Doctor asks Anurag to let him treat the patient. Anurag disturbs him because of his concern. He feels there is something still hidden from him. He wants to protect Prerna. He feels some strange connection with her. He gets tears with the thought of losing her. He feels happy on seeing her smile. He feels upset on seeing her in trouble. Anurag asks Doctor about her state. Doctor reveals that Prerna and her baby are fine. Anurag gets content after watching the baby during sonography. Komolika wants to kill Prerna’s baby. She doesn’t leave her goal. She wants to try different way. She reaches the hospital and finds out that Prerna’s baby is also fine.

Veena gets a bad feeling about Prerna. She soon learns about her accident. Veena and Shivani run to the hospital to see her. Anurag worriedly speaks to Moloy. He reveals about Prerna’s accident. He tells that he is afraid to lose her. Moloy wants to support her. Ronit gets scolded by Komolika. He tells her that Prerna got saved because of Anurag’s love for Prerna. He makes a new plan. He tells her that his friend who works as an intern in the hospital, can help them in killing the baby. They meet the doctor and bribe him with a motive to kill the baby.

They want the incident to appear as a result of the accident. Anurag stays around Prerna. The doctor goes to inject her to abort the baby. Anurag hinders him. The doctor lies to him and hides the medicines. He doesn’t want Anurag to call the seniors. He informs Ronit that he failed to kill the baby. Ronit slaps him. Komolika tells Ronit that she will be attempting to kill the baby. will Komolika succeed in her clever plan? How will unaware Anurag protect his baby? Keep reading.

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