Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move Kulfi comes across a picture and thinks where did she see it. Sikandar apologizes to Vijaylaxmi for not signing the deal with her before. Kulfi recalls the picture. She realizes that she has seen it with Raju, who told her about his favorite singer. She thinks Vijaylaxmi’s song was released in old times as well, the song got famous. She recalls the song. She sings it for Vijaylaxmi. She stuns everyone by her singing. Vijaylaxmi sings along with her. She blesses Kulfi for her efforts and amazing talents. Doctor confirms that Vijaylaxmi has recovered her memory.

gets happy to fulfill his task. Vijaylaxmi tells him that he didn’t sign the deal with her, which made the industry lose faith on her. She tells that she didn’t get any work. Sikandar apologizes to her. He tells her that he wants to sign her up for his label. He tells that he wants to sing her good songs. She tells him that she liked Kulfi’s voice, which brought her to senses. She wants Kulfi to sing her songs. Lovely is in shock on hearing this. She finds Amyra getting happy for Kulfi’s success. She was thinking otherwise. She thinks why is Amyra so happy and being selfless.

She wants to secure Amyra’s future. Later, Sikandar releases the album with Kulfi and Vijaylaxmi. Lovely wants to focus on making the company successful before Sikandar dies. At the launch, Kulfi tells the media that Amyra will be singing the second album. She surprises Amyra by telling about the new album. Lovely thinks why didn’t Sikandar tell her anything. She wants to win his confidence. Sikandar wants to keep his promise to Kulfi. He tells that he will be taking his daughters to Chandnaur.

Lovely wants him to focus on business than going for a vacation. She makes sure that she hurts Kulfi to cancel the plan. She makes Kulfi fall in the bathroom. She asks Sikandar to cancel the vacation. Sikandar agrees with her. Lovely asks Kulfi not to take risk. Kulfi has to take the risk to save Sikandar’s life. She insists and asks Sikandar to take her to Chandnaur. She tells that she can walk. Sikandar agrees to take her by air.

Sikandar and Amyra try to book tickets and hotel. Lovely breaks the wi-fi router to stop him from booking the tickets. He calls the agent to get his tickets booked. Amyra tells her that the tickets are booked. She asks Lovely to help her in packing. Lovely worries and steals his identity documents to stop him. She wants to stop him from going to Chandnaur, unaware that Kulfi is trying to save his life.

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