Kundali Bhagya Rishabh Preeta Shrishti common quest

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh Preeta Shrishti common quest

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh Preeta Shrishti common quest Preeta wants to find Shrishti and take her home. She goes to check Mahira’s room. She finds Shrishti in disguise. She slaps Shrishti and brings her to senses. Shrishti doesn’t identify her. Preeta scolds her in anger for her madness. Shrishti gets delighted to know that Preeta has come to Luthra mansion to stop the engagement. She tells that Karan will marry Mahira if they don’t do anything to stop the engagement. She tells her plans to make Mahira refuse for the engagement. Preeta tells that Mahira is madly in love with Karan, she will never deny for the alliance. Shrishti tells that she had kidnapped Mahira and now engagement can’t happen.

She tells that none knows her truth. Preeta asks her not to overconfident. She tells that Kareena already knows the truth and is finding her to humiliate. She is angry on Shrishti’s criminal act to kidnap Mahira. She beats Shrishti. Shrishti runs to the bathroom. She asks Preeta to promise to not beat her and support in her plans. Preeta fake promises and then beats Shrishti. Rishabh finds them and questions them. Shrishti lies to mislead him. Karan reaches Rishabh to tell about Shrishti and Preeta’s presence at home. Preeta wants to leave before getting caught. She tells Shrishti that Sarla will fall more sick on knowing about their humiliation.

She explains that Karan won’t realize his mistake even if they break his engagement. She thinks there won’t be any change in her life even after working so hard. Shrishti feels they should break the engagement to give some to Karan to reconsider his decision. Preeta tells her that Karan will never listen to them. She wants Shrishti to come home with her for her sake. She emotionally blackmails Shrishti. She tells that love can’t be obtained by a wrong way. Shrishti tells her that they will free Mahira before leaving. Karan tells Rishabh that Kareena told him about Shrishti and Preeta trying to stop his engagement.

Rishabh realizes that he has seen them already. He understands Karan’s feelings. He asks Karan why is he restless on knowing about Preeta’s coming. He wants Karan to just think of his feelings. He tells that Shrishti can’t leave the engagement alone, she would have got Preeta along to fulfill the task. He hopes Karan realizes his feelings. He tells that its possible since they had also gone to stop Preeta’s marriage. Karan agrees with Rishabh. He wants to find Preeta. Rishabh asks him to answer straight, if he is waiting for Preeta to stop the engagement. He asks Karan to acknowledge his marriage with Preeta.

Karan hides his feelings. He gets speechless. Rishabh wants him to accept it for once. Rakhi is worried for Preeta. Dadi asks her to think about Karan and Mahira. Rakhi tells that Preeta is married to Karan, the marriage can’t be denied. She wants Preeta’s future to be secure. Dadi asks her not to blindly trust anyone. She wants Rakhi to become smart like Kareena. Preeta goes to free Mahira. She apologizes to her on Shrishti’s sake. Preeta is shocked seeing Sameer unconscious. Mahira scolds Preeta and Shrishti for troubling her so much.

Preeta bears Mahira’s justified anger. Mahira doesn’t believe Preeta. Rakhi learns that Shrishti has come home on disguise to break the engagement. Rakhi can’t believe this. Mahira insults Sarla as well to anger Shrishti. She wants to get free. She tells them that Sarla didn’t give them any values either. She counts their mistakes. Preeta defends her family. Kareena and Dadi blame Rakhi for always supporting Arora sisters. Preeta promises to punish Shrishti. She warns Mahira to spare Sarla. Mahira blames them for running after Luthra money. Shrishti denies her blames. Preeta doesn’t want to help Mahira who seems undeserving.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Koi Nahi serial ko bahut jyada kheechana Nahi Chahiye it loses its interesting element. Kundali Bhagya is one serial which was the first priority on my list.but now it’s stretching just too much.ekta must take care of the audience views also


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