Kasauti Zindagii Starplus Unexpected declaration Twists

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Kasauti Zindagii Starplus Unexpected declaration Twists Anupam follows the truck driver and reaches the mill route. He guesses that the truck driver is going to the old mill, where there is total isolation. He asks Anurag to reach there soon, they have to find the culprit. Anurag rushes out of the house to catch the culprit. Komolika doesn’t realize that he is going for this purpose. She thinks he is going to his office. She decides to go to the mill to meet the driver and bribe him for the next task. Ronit informs her that the driver has reached. Komolika wants to go there soon. Mohini and Moloy meet the family pandit.

They learn about the threat because of the star positions. Pandit advises them not to go anywhere outside and stay at home for safety. Mohini finds Komolika leaving and hinders. When Komolika doesn’t listen and reacts angrily, Mohini also gets stern. Mohini doesn’t want to take any risk. She sends Komolika back to her room. Komolika informs Ronit that she couldn’t leave from the house. He assures to handle the matter. Anurag informs Anupam that he is on the way. Shivani calls Ronit to confront him about his hospital visit to kill Prerna.

Shivani tells him that she knows his evil intentions. She asks him to better stay away from Prerna. He denies the blames. He tells her that he isn’t up to anything. She threatens him of the police case. Prerna understands that Komolika and Ronit wanted to kill her baby. She tells Shivani that she will not leave Komolika now. Komolika informs Ronit that Mohini is creating hurdles for her. She gets angered and expresses hatred for Mohini. Mohini doesn’t hear her true feelings. She asks her Bahu to understand her concern and not invite problems. She doesn’t know that she is Komolika. Anurag and Anupam reach the mill to find the culprit.

They find the truck driver and try to catch him. Ronit gets alert on seeing them. Ronit wants to flee. Prerna goes to meet Komolika. She argues with Mohini to make her way to Komolika. She slaps Komolika leaving a warning. She rages on Komolika, who tried to kill her baby. Komolika doesn’t lose and admits that she wants to kill her baby. Prerna threatens to kill her if she harms her baby again. She tells Komolika that she will show her the strength of a mother and teach her a lesson of lifetime.

She asks Komolika to safeguard herself if she wants to be at peace. Mohini finds Prerna threatening Sonalika. She misunderstands Prerna. Anurag and Prerna identify the truck driver and nab him. Anurag happens to see Ronit. He gets few memory flashes, since Ronit is also connected to his past. He recalls the fight happened at the old factory. Prerna declares that she loves Anurag and will never leave from his life. She doesn’t want to give up hopes on her love, when Anurag is fighting alone for their relationship, which is still unknown to him. She wants to support Anurag’s love and win him back for their sake. Will Anurag get his memory back? Keep reading.

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