Nimki Vidhayak Sudden attack Nimki’s drama backfires

Nimki Vidhayak Sudden attack Nimki's drama backfires

Nimki Vidhayak Sudden attack Nimki’s drama backfires Ganga tells Parag that Anaro will be not sparing Nimki when she regains her memory. She wants to use Anaro against Nimki. Mintu and Nimki get Anaro home. They tell Dadi that Parag took Anaro home, they found Anaro at Ganga’s house and got her back. Dadi hates Ganga. Rekha tells them that Anaro will not die so soon. Anaro recalls Ganga’s words and is angry. She throws water on Nimki’s face. It gets shocking for Nimki. Nahar Singh is waiting to meet Nimki. He waits for long and then makes a leave. Rekha gives medicines to Anaro. Anaro asks her about her son. Rekha tells him that Dabloo is fine. Anaro asks for Babbu Singh.

Rekha tells that nothing happened to him, he is with Nimki. She tells that Nimki doesn’t like to put sindoor, its nothing serious. Nimki gets dressed in the saree. Mintu gets mesmerized seeing her. Mintu asks her not to go to Anaro. Anaro asks her about Babbu. She asks Mintu to apply sindoor to Nimki. Nimki doesn’t want Anaro to get hurt. She asks Mintu to apply the sindoor to her, since its just a drama. She tells that the sindoor won’t make them husband and wife. Mintu applies sindoor to Nimki, which angers Dadi.

Dadi doesn’t want Mintu to fall for Nimki under such circumstances. She wants Mintu to stay away from politics and related people. She wants them to end the fake marriage drama soon. Mintu is helpless because of Nimki. Dadi asks them if they want to marry for real. Anaro and Dadi get into a heated argument. Nimki wipes the sindoor. Anaro loses her cool and bashes up Nimki. Mintu stops Anaro from hurting Nimki further. He worries for Nimki’s safety. He doesn’t want Anaro to go mad and harm Nimki again. He rescues Nimki from Anaro’s rage. Nimki and Mintu realize where their drama is taking them.


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Jadu Hai Jinn Ka


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