Rishtey Pyaar Kunal Shocking move costs Nannu’s life

Rishtey Pyaar Kunal Shocking move costs Nannu's life

Rishtey Pyaar Kunal Shocking move costs Nannu’s life Kunal and Abir return home and get confronted by Meenakshi. She enquires about the fire incident. Abir doesn’t tell her about Mishti. He asks her not to worry for his safety. Kunal also hides the entire chapter. Meenakshi asks Kunal to meet Kuhu who isn’t doing well since her return. Abir feels Mishti and his relation got ruined just to save his relations with Kunal. Nannu plans to have Mishti’s birthday celebrations at Maheshwari house. Rajshri also wants to celebrate Mishti’s safe return and her big birthday.

Nannu tells them that he will be meeting Kunal and Kuhu to invite them. Nannu gets the permission from Maheshwaris. He meets Rajvansh family with much affection. Mishti tells Rajshri that Nannu is the best, who made her birthday the best. Kuhu gets rude towards Kunal because of their misunderstanding. She doesn’t know that he was with her at the hospital. He finds her selfish. She tells him that he doesn’t love her. She is much hurt. He also feels her pain. Abir gets Mishti’s painting out from the dark. He doesn’t wish to hide anything from Mishti. He wants to tell her the truth. Nannu invites Kunal and Kuhu.

Kunal refuses to him. Nannu meets Abir as well. Mishti is sure that Abir will come to confess his love soon. She shares her heart out. Nannu speaks to Abir about love, Mishti and the art to move on in life. He taunts Abir. He realizes that Abir loves Mishti. Meenakshi scolds Kunal for hiding about Mishti’s return. Kunal asks her not to take any sort of tension regarding Mishti, who is dating Nannu. Meenakshi doesn’t believe this, since she has enquired from Jasmeet as well.

She knows Nannu and Mishti aren’t a couple. She asks him to attend the party at Maheshwaris and find out if Nannu and Mishti are together. Nannu challenges Abir for sports match. Abir agrees to him. They decide to play a football match. Nannu tells that Kunal isn’t coming in the party. Abir wants Kunal to accompany him. Kunal decides to obey Meenakshi to win back her trust. She hands over alcohol to Kunal. She asks him to spike Nannu’s drink and bring out his truth. Kunal feels the plan weird.

Later, Mishti has huge celebrations with her family. She imagines Abir with her. Mishti dances with Abir. She feels Abir will be coming soon. Abir doesn’t meet her. Kunal spikes Nannu’s drink to know his real feelings for Mishti. Nannu really started liking Mishti. He spends time with Mishti. Mishti calls him the best partner. Nannu gets sick after consuming the drugged drink.

Kuhu and Mishti learn that Kunal had spiked the drunk, which could cost Nannu’s life. They scold Kunal for his huge mistake and ask him to reveal about the alcohol brand so that Nannu’s allergy can be resolved. They rush Nannu to the hospital. Kuhu starts hating Kunal after his mistake. Kunal has done this on Meenakshi’s command. Will Kunal reveal this to Abir? Keep reading.

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