Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit blasts Sonakshi accused big

Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit blasts Sonakshi accused big

Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit blasts Sonakshi accused big Sonakshi wants to handle her in-laws by doing her best duties. She realizes that she can’t keep everyone happy altogether. When she thinks for Pooja, she makes the family upset. She feels Rohit is getting away from her. She can’t stay strong when Rohit withdraws support. Pooja gets Rani home much to everyone’s shock. Pooja reveals that Rani is really her real mother. The family doesn’t Pooja. Pooja tells them that Sonakshi took her to Rani. She believes Sonakshi, who would never lie to her. Pooja asks them to accept the truth. Sonakshi is much scared to face their anger. Pooja asks Nishi to tell the truth.

Rani tells Pooja that Sippys have raised her and gave her love. She asks Pooja to take care of the family and give them love in return. She wants Pooja to value her foster family. Nishi is speechless. She feels insecure with Rani’s coming. Pooja tells that Rani will be living with them now. She wants to be with Rani and live the moments she had lost due to their separation. She seeks Nishi’s permission. Nishi hugs Pooja with much emotions. She doesn’t want Pooja to rebel. She has no option than to agree to Pooja.

Pooja gets glad. Akash confronts Sonakshi for telling Pooja the truth. Sonakshi clarifies that Pooja was shattering by the truth and needed a moral support. She tells that she couldn’t see Pooja sinking in depression. Nishi warns her to pay for her deeds. She tells that Sonakshi will be responsible for the family destruction. She asks Sonakshi why didn’t she come to discuss the matter like a sensible person and knowing the reason for their secrecy. She tries to put some sense in Sonakshi’s mind.

She calls Sonakshi a wrong doer. Sonakshi doesn’t understand her fault. Naren doesn’t want to spare Sonakshi for this. He hates the fact that she always interferes in the matters where they prohibit her. He tells Veena that their family has become dramatic like Sonakshi’s reel family. He doesn’t like the disheartening fights in his family. He blames Sonakshi for everything. Naren’s anger gets high. Veena is worried for Sonakshi. She thinks Sonakshi’s romantic scene episode will shock Naren further. She doesn’t want Sonakshi to face more troubles. Meanwhile, Rohit is much angered on Sonakshi.

He calls her senseless, dramatic and stubborn, since she didn’t discuss her plan of action with her and directly took Pooja to Rani. Sonakshi tells him that he had hidden many things from her, which she deserved to know. She asks him to realize Pooja’s rights to know about her real mother. She doesn’t think she has hurt anyone by supporting Pooja. He gets more raging when she doesn’t accept her mistake. He tells her that she shouldn’t have done this when he already warned her. He is upset that she broke her promise, like he means nothing to her. They have a heated argument.

Rohit tells her that she will regret her decision a lot when the Sippy family shatters with Rani’s coming. He tells that there is a solid reason that he was keeping Rani away from the family. He asks why couldn’t she realize this. He regrets to marry Sonakshi and turning his family into a fighting ground. He accuses Sonakshi for ruining his family peace. Sonakshi shatters when he doesn’t understand her. He is much upset on her. He leaves her hand in anger. He tells her that he will never forgive her. Tanya tells Rohan about Pooja’s real mother. Rohan goes and meets Rani. Tanya rushes to his car to fix the tracker. She wants to track him and find the girl whom he is dating. Will Rohit reveal about Pooja’s father? Keep reading.

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