Muskaan Ronak huge union Ronak Sir ji face off

Muskaan Ronak huge union Ronak Sir ji face off

Muskaan Ronak huge union Ronak Sir ji face off Nisha wants to know Muskaan’s decision. She gets afraid thinking Muskaan will meet Ronak. Muskaan thinks of Roshni and makes a leave. Nisha lies to Ronak. She is ready to fall low and adapt cheap ways to attract Ronak towards her. Muskaan returns to Roshni. She gets emotional on hearing Roshni’s innocent talk. She wishes to get Roshni’s rights. She thinks it won’t be possible to meet Ronak. She decides to become Roshni’s mum and dad. She wants to become a strong parent. She caresses Roshni. Roshni connects with her true emotions, though she hates her parents.

Nisha tells Mami that Muskaan isn’t completely away, she may come back to get rights for her daughter Roshni. She wants to know if Roshni is really Ronak’s daughter. She doesn’t think Muskaan will sit back and lose her aim so soon. Mami finds Nishi very clever and boosts her confidence. Nisha tells her that she will make sure that Ronak never accepts Muskaan. Muskaan is summoned at the bar by Sir ji. She gets ready for the performance. Roshni compliments her. She promises to study until Muskaan returns. He tells her that he will be going for a dinner with his friends. Nisha is sure that Ronak will accept her.

She tries her charm on him. Ronak avoids Nisha. Sir ji wants Muskaan to perform well. Muskaan tells him that she has to look after Roshni and will follow timings from now. He finds a fire in her eyes. He doesn’t know the reason for her anger. Muskaan goes to the bar to perform, while Sir ji rushes to save his another bar from police raid. Ronak meets Dev, who takes her to Sir ji’s bar. Ronak isn’t interested to enter the bar and see any dancer. Dev shows Muskaan’s picture to him. Ronak gets a big shock on realizing that Muskaan is alive.

He thinks Dev is joking to insult him. He rebukes Dev, who asks him to check the truth himself. Ronak reaches Muskaan while she performs in the bar. Ronak and Muskaan come face-to-face. They have a happy union. Ronak feels lucky that she is alive and he got her back. He wants to know why was she dancing in the bar. Muskaan tells him that Sir ji has compelled her. Ronak comes across his biggest enemy Sir ji. Sir ji reveals how he got saved from the fire. Ronak and Muskaan unite to fight Sir ji. Sir ji swears to make their lives hell.

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