Kundali Bhagya Clever plotting Karan traps Aroras

Kundali Bhagya Clever plotting Karan traps Aroras

Kundali Bhagya Clever plotting Karan traps Aroras Shrishti learns from Sarla about Karan and his family’s insult. She asks Preeta what had happened there. Preeta doesn’t tell anything. Karan can’t accept the insult. He recalls the happening and gets angry. He comes up with an idea to make Aroras respect him. Shrishti wants to know everything. She asks if anything happened between Preeta and Karan. Preeta doesn’t tell anything. Shrishti imagines the scene. She reminds Preeta about Karan. Preeta doesn’t want to think about him. She denies to have any romantic moment with Karan. She tells that Karan had insulted her too by getting engaged to Mahira. She doesn’t want Shrishti to have any such hopes.

She is much sorrowful. Shrishti tells her that she should have told her feelings to Karan. She understands Preeta’s feelings. Preeta tells her that she doesn’t love Karan, who didn’t value her heart. She doesn’t want Karan around. She feels broken that Karan ruined her life by giving her many dreams. She shares her pain with Shrishti. The sisters cry. Preeta tells that her pain won’t get less. She doesn’t think its her ego, but just her pain. She feels bad that she is so good that she gives rights to everyone to hurt her. Shrishti consoles her.

Karan calls Kareena to share his idea. She asks him to give an answer to Sarla and not forget his insult. He tells her that he didn’t forget anything. He tells that he will organize his marriage functions in Kumkum Bhagya wedding hall so that Sarla gets bounded to respect him and his family. Kareena doesn’t agree at first. He explains her that Sarla and her daughters will be helpless to serve them and respect them, when they book the hall. Kareena gets happy and proud of him. She tells Mahira that Karan thinks a lot for his family.

Mahira doesn’t think Sarla will accept their booking. Kareena knows to buy them by money. Kareena tells her that his lawyer will make the booking. Mahira doesn’t know if his family will agree to this. Kareena tells that they have to lie to Rakhi and Rishabh. She goes to reveal the changes to Rakhi. She tells Rakhi that she has changed the venue to Kumkum Bhagya hall. Rakhi and Rishabh question Karan about conducting the functions there. Rishabh tells that he won’t come, since he will be uncomfortable there. He tells that he isn’t happy with it. Karan tells that he wants to help Sarla cover the losses by giving her good business. Rakhi gets convinced by Karan’s good intentions.

Kareena explains that she finds that wedding hall lucky. Rakhi agrees with them. Rishabh knows that Karan is planning to hurt Preeta this way. Rakhi doesn’t think Aroras will agree to give them the hall. Kareena tells them that she paid much amount to make the booking. Rishabh feels disturbed. Kareena tells Karan that Rishabh is soft-hearted, he will care for Aroras. She asks the lawyer to talk to Sarla. Sarla tells Preeta that they have to take the pending payments. She wants to buy the dress for Preeta. Preeta doesn’t want the costly dress. Sarla wants to get it for their self esteem, Kareena asks the lawyer to book the wedding hall for Karan’s mehendi ceremony.

She tells that she wants the same hall, even when its cheap. Karan tells him to not book the hall on Luthras’ name. Kareena and Karan make him call Sarla. Sarla doesn’t think its possible for her. She gets glad to know about double payment. Karan traps Aroras cleverly. Sarla takes the booking offer.

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