Kahan Hum Kundali Bhagyya Top Spoilers Today

Kahan Hum Kundali Bhagyya Top Spoilers Today

Kahan Hum Kundali Bhagyya Top Spoilers Today Naren wants Sonakshi to quit her acting career. He gives her a tough choice. He tells her that she has to either choose Rohit or her profession. He tells her that every woman in their family works, but their professions are decent. He tells that he doesn’t want to insult her profession, but he is clear with his decision, how can she romance a stranger just to entertain people, if she earns money by this way, then she doesn’t need to work. He asks her to realize her mistake, how she has disgraced his family. He gives her an ultimatum. He tells her that if she chooses her acting career, then his relation with her will end completely. She is in confusion.

She doesn’t know what to decide. He wants to keep his status. Nishi is worried knowing Pooja has gone on shopping. Sonakshi gets blamed. Nishi scolds her for sending Pooja and Rani together. Sonakshi tells that she didn’t send Pooja, who has gone by her own wish. Nishi is sure that Sonakshi gave the permission. Veena tells Nishi that she has also given permission to Pooja to go with Rani. Nishi asks Veena not to support Sonakshi. She counts Sonakshi’s mistakes. She tells them that they don’t know Rani’s truth. Pooja questions Nishi about her bad remark on Rani.

She asks Nishi why is Rani dangerous for her. She knows that Nishi is hiding something. She asks Nishi to stop shouting on Sonakshi. Nishi wants to make Pooja and Rani away. Nishi denies to reveal anything. The Sippys throw a party. Rani’s secret will be coming out, which will spoil Sonakshi and Rohit’s relation further.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan tells Kareena that they will do their Mehendi function in Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Kareena is shocked and tells that they have already insulted us so much. She asks if he wants them to get more insulted. Karan says if we keep our Mehendi there, then they will do work for us and give us respect against their wish. Mahira and Kareena get excited and plan to insult Sarla and her daughters. They plan to trick Sarla and get the wedding hall booked for a bigger amount. Sarla accepts the booking for Preeta’s sake. She wants to buy a costly dress for Preeta and thinks this will help her in giving an answer to Luthras. She doesn’t know that Karan has laid the trap for them.



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