Muskaan Meri Gudiya Spoilers Star Bharat

Muskaan Meri Gudiya Spoilers Star Bharat

Muskaan Meri Gudiya Spoilers Star Bharat Sir ji reveals to Roshni that Ronak and Muskaan are her parents. Roshni gets much upset and loses faith in them. She vents anger and hatred on Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak requests Roshni to come home with him. He takes Muskaan and Roshni home. Gayatri hugs Muskaan and Roshni. She is happy that her family is completed. Gayatri makes Nisha welcome Muskaan home. Nisha reacts angrily on seeing Muskaan. Muskaan makes a leave for Nisha’s sake. Ronak keeps Roshni with him. He wants to give her a good life. Roshni starts troubling Ronak. She threatens Muskaan and sends her away. Muskaan gives the sacrifice for the sake of her daughters. Ronak pleads to Muskaan not to leave him.

Khushi wonders what’s happening. Ronak explains Roshni that he didn’t knew about her existence because of Sir ji. Roshni doesn’t believe him. She throws Khushi’s favorite toys. Khushi is much innocent. Ronak and Nisha stop Roshni from troubling Khushi. Roshni fakes stories about Khushi and blames her. Khushi tells Ronak that she never lies. He believes her. Roshni asks him if he means she is lying. He handles the matter by supporting both of them. Roshni tells him that she will leave from his house. He tells that she is also his daughter like Khushi. Sir ji brainwashes Roshni. He asks Roshni to just finish her task and come back to her. She believes him.

Meri Gudiya:
Raghav and Avi have lost Madhuri. The family mourns for Madhuri. He is worried to break the ugly truth to Avi. He lies to Avi about Madhuri. Avi plays with the doll. She awaits Madhuri. She asks Raghav to call Madhuri home soon. She doesn’t know that Madhuri is no more. Raghav shares his sorrow with his mum. He tells that none can explain Avi about the truth. He knows that Avi is close to Madhuri and won’t accept her death. He loses courage. He finds a way to tell the truth. He prays at the temple and gains courage to tell the truth to Avi. He reveals to Avi that Madhuri has gone to her friend, Devimaa. Madhuri returns to Avi. The real story begins. Raghav fulfills the responsibility of raising Avi alone.




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