Kulfi Kumar Impossible evil Lovely disappears Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Impossible evil Lovely disappears Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Impossible evil Lovely disappears Sikandar Kulfi and Amyra get praying for their dad with true feelings. Lovely wants Sikandar to die. Doctor feels sick because of the sleeping pills. He falls down. He doesn’t want to leave Sikandar unattended, which may cost his life. He prays to get some help so that he can finish the surgery and save Sikandar. Kulfi sings the Raag Deepak. Doctor doesn’t know what’s happening to him suddenly. Kulfi sings with a true heart so that she gets the blessings for Sikandar. Amyra supports Kulfi. Kulfi tests her talents, hopes and intentions by trying to get the lamp lit by her pure singing.

Doctor gives up and thinks to call another surgeon for Sikandar, who is sinking. Dr. Jacob wants to fulfill his promise by performing his best. Kulfi tries all her heart and soul in lighting the lamp. She finally lights the lamp, which shocks Lovely. Lovely thinks Kulfi has turned the impossible possible and now Sikandar will survive. Jacob realizes that someone had spiked his coffee before the surgery. Lovely falls more low and plans the impossible back up plan.

Jacob goes to clean his system by a vomit, so that he can perform the surgery in all his senses. Kulfi succeeds to light the lamp with her pure voice. This leaves Lovely in deep shock. She doesn’t realize that Kulfi is so pure-hearted and deserves happiness. Jacob finishes the surgery as planned.

He gives the good news to Amyra that they have won in their attempt, Sikandar is fine. Amyra finds Kulfi unconscious. Lovely gets depressed knowing Sikandar has survived. The good news surprises Kulfi. Jacob tells her that her faith has won and Sikandar has survived the tough surgery. Sikandar is glad to know about Kulfi’s faith. He gets a new life all thanks to Kulfi’s efforts. He tells that her faith gave him new hope. He wants to meet his daughters. Lovely goes to his ward before anyone else reaches. She hides from everyone.

Doctor tells Kulfi and Amyra that Sikandar wants to meet them. They run to see Sikandar. They don’t find him anywhere. They want to know where is he. Jacob tells them that someone is trying to harm Sikandar, someone had spiked his coffee. Lovely threatens to sue the hospital if anything happens to Sikandar.

Amyra gets against Kulfi and threatens to end ties if anything happens to Sikandar. Lovely and Amyra blame Kulfi. Kulfi sheds tears. Jacob calls the police to find Sikandar. He tells that Sikandar’s life is in danger, someone is trying to harm him. Lovely tells him that its just his theory. She scolds him. Kulfi gets a hint and wonders why did Sikandar run away from the window, when he has much weakness after surgery. Amyra gets bitter again. Kulfi tries to find Sikandar, who is kidnapped by Lovely.

Kasauti ZK


  1. Please it my homble request to producer of this sereal that remove lovleen character she fat lady is not at all good without her sereal goes very smoothly i dont like fat lady lovleen

  2. Yeah lovely should go to jail She’s is the vamp. surely sikander will come and reunite with his children. He should make Amyra understand her mother’s evil intentiona

  3. I am so sick and tired of the evil of Lovely that I stopped watching this series. There is a limit to how much evil one can watch and Lovely and Amyra has reached my limit. I just can’t watch the show anymore as I am constantly disappointed.

  4. Yes please. Just as all what others say, please remove Loveleen out of this serial.
    Although it is only acting, it is too much for an innocent 8-year old child such as Kulfi to bear far too many problems. For a child, these childhood experiences could affect her in real life.
    Please find Sikkander soon and reunite him with Kulfi and Amyra and make Amyra realise the sacrifices that Kulfi had made all through her life to be with her father.
    Just like Loveleen was sent to jail once before, please send her far away to be completely forgotten by Amyra.
    Thank you so much.

  5. I am so sick and tired to watch this evil series that prevail over goodness. Parents should teach their children good manners and morals. Amyrah gets away of all her evil doings. I don’t feel like watching it anymore

  6. I’ve stopped watching Kulfi because of how Lovely’s evil ways always prevail over goodness,Kulfi deserves to be happy too.. iyooh I can’t stand that mother and daughte,they make me sick

  7. Really it’s time for Loveleen to go she has done enough damage. Even our kidz who are watching and love this series, it is starting to affect them negatively.


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