Rishte Hai Pyaar Upcoming Abir Mishti biggest find

Rishte Hai Pyaar Upcoming Abir Mishti biggest find

Rishte Hai Pyaar Upcoming Abir Mishti biggest find Nannu is worried for Mishti. He doesn’t like her hurting herself. Mishti cries since she has hurt her family. He asks her to not blame herself. He supports her. She feels her plan to make Abir jealous was wrong. Abir cheers up Kunal by making noodles for him. Kunal hugs him and gets emotional. Meenakshi is glad to see their unity. She wants her sons to always be together. Jasmeet is worried knowing Nannu is dating Mishti. She doesn’t want Mishti as her Bahu. She takes much stress. Varsha consoles her. Vishwamber wants to know from Mishti if she loves Abir. Mishti gets speechless. Kuhu thanks Abir for telling her about Kunal.

She wants to be with Kunal and support him. She also suggests that Mishti won’t be wrong. Abir shows no interest in knowing about Mishti. Meenakshi gets relieved. Mishti wants to tell about her plans. Nannu stops her and takes the blame on himself. He admit his mistake. He tells that he didn’t find out about the client and signed the contract. He tells that he likes Mishti. Vishwamber is confused on knowing this. Mishti doesn’t know why Nannu said so. Abir hears this on the connected call. He gets depressed.

Meenakshi daydreams about Abir’s rebellion again. She wants to save Abir from Mishti. Abir wants to talk to Mishti again. Abir and Mishti ride their cycles and share their feelings. Mishti didn’t wish to hurt Kunal. She wants to explain Abir. Nannu tells her that she shouldn’t explain herself to Abir, she shouldn’t fight for one sided love. She tells him that she is fighting alone since Abir isn’t with her, Abir used to fight for her always. Nannu tells her that he was also fighting for her happiness.

He asks her not to stay in pain until Abir’s mind changes. He wants her to realize that Abir changed a lot. He doesn’t want to help her ahead since she is hurting herself. Meenakshi meets Vishwamber and tells him that she knows about Mishti’s return, Abir and Mishti are determined to unite and will ultimately succeed. She declares that she will never consider Mishti as her Bahu. Mishti attempts to clear her misunderstandings with Abir. Mishti gets glad with the biggest find that Abir still loves her and kept all her souvenirs close to his heart. She gets courage to fight Meenakshi to get her love Abir.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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