Kundali Bhhagya Upcoming Preeta Karan Twists

Kundali Bhhagya Upcoming Preeta Karan Twists

Kundali Bhhagya Upcoming Preeta Karan Twists Shrishti tells Sherlyn that she had stopped herself so that she doesn’t hurt Sherlyn’s baby unknowingly. She congratulates Sherlyn for her baby bump. Sherlyn gets tensed. Shrishti tells that everyone will apologize to Preeta once they know about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Sherlyn scolds her. Shrishti analyzes her anger and realizes that Sherlyn’s boyfriend left her. Prithvi misses Preeta and sees her picture. He gets restless to meet her. He thinks to go to Preeta’s house. He wants an excuse and makes a call to her. Prithvi thinks how is Preeta so busy. He calls her landline number to talk, but gets hindered by Janki. He asks for Preeta.

Janki tells him about Karan’s function happening in the wedding hall. She asks him to call some other day, since Preeta is too happy. He gets angered that Janki isn’t favoring him. He knows that he isn’t able to talk to Preeta because of Janki. Rishabh thanks Preeta for decorating the wedding hall so well. He tells her that he is glad that their terms aren’t so bad. Preeta realizes that Karan and Kareena cheated them for the booking and Rishabh isn’t aware of it. She doesn’t tell anything to Rishabh. He wished that things got fine between Preeta and Karan. He tells her that Karan finds the wedding hall auspicious.

He asks her about the notice sent to Luthra house. He tells her that he will go against the entire world if he tells him that she didn’t send the notice to Luthras. He swears to her. She tells that she doesn’t know about the notice. Rishabh wants to tell her about it. Karan interrupts them and insults Preeta. She tells Karan that people respect his richness and act sweet, but those who love him doesn’t see money. Rishabh gets sure that she can never send such notice to Luthras to ask for Karan’s property share. Preeta advises Karan to earn true respect from dear ones. Rishabh agrees with her completely. He feels Karan is lucky that everyone loves him.

Karan compels Preeta to welcome Mahira. Janki asks Sherlyn to take care of her baby and not walk in haste. Sherlyn realizes that Janki also knows her pregnancy truth. She gets to hear the taunts from Shrishti and Janki. Kritika gets doubting Sherlyn. She shares her confusion with Sameer. He tells her that he knows about Sherlyn, that she is evil. They don’t like Mahira. They just like Preeta for Karan.

Karan wants to see if Preeta really doesn’t care. Shrishti turns up to help Preeta. Preeta welcomes Mahira and stays unaffected. Karan and Kreena feel they are hurt Preeta a lot this way. Preeta rushes away and cries. Karan checks on her tears and confronts her feelings. He tells her that she insulted him and this is his reply. She denies to feel anything for him. Karan doesn’t listen to her and makes her realize that she does feel for him. He mocks her feelings and disrespects her.

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  1. Y does Karan want preeta to realize her feelings when he himself has not? I wish rishabh marries preeta somehow.. he’s the sensible one in the luthra family and good natured too …

  2. Why does karan always have an upper arm ? why suffer Preeta suffer humiliation instead of karan? Director/producer please redeam Preeta’s character, make her strong and enough disrespect and humiliation for Preeta and her family. The bad eggs always get away with their deede and the good ones suffer in kundali bhagya. Boring please, change tactics

  3. Has been seeing this serial for long..Sherlin pregnant and her stomach is flat for more than a year… where is this story going…when is she going to be exposed…pl change Ur track

  4. All these india films, is just a waste of time, good starting, but always miss out some key points which always make the film so tireing.

  5. Why the villian is always powerful?.. Why sherlyn is not exposed yet?.. It’s been a year but still her tummy is flat.. Stomach comes out after completing 4 months but she is pregnant since 1 yr.. Isn’t she an human? Getting bored of this serial seriously?.. Plz change the track.. I would rate only 1 star ⭐ to this serial.. ?????????

  6. The way you write your scripts is the same it seems as if you copy each other…I’m surprised we are not see Pragya is this series when she is related to Preeta.we are also tired of the way they keep saying middle class as if they are not human.When is Karaan and his family going to know the truth this girl has done a lot for this family…I mean the blood donation and the kidnap.please look into preeta and her family.i hope you will not kill Karaan or Rishab.


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