Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Colors Choti Sardarni Vidya

Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Colors Choti Sardarni Vidya

Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Colors Choti Sardarni Vidya Anaro is surprised seeing Nimki spending time with Dadi. Nimki teaches cooking to Mintu. They make a soup together. Nimki tells Anaro that she has made the soup for her, which she liked in Ganga’s house. She asks Anaro to tell her how she prepared it. Anaro likes the soup. Rekha tells that Mintu and Nimki are romancing in the kitchen. Nimki tries to revive Anaro’s memories. She creates the old situation. Anaro reprimands Nimki by recalling the old times. Mintu acts angered like Babbu and shouts on Anaro.

Param cries knowing about Meher’s coming child. He feels insecure. He tells that Meher won’t love him after her baby comes. Harleen consoles Param. Meher wants to prove that she will always love Param. Next twist comes when the house is getting auctioned. Param is losing his room and toys. He has memories with his toys. He doesn’t want the toys to get sold. Harleen also warns Meher. Meher tells him that they will get a new room and many toys, better than before.

Harleen asks Meher to keep Param away. Meher tells that everything will get auctioned. Harleen and Meher didn’t think this would happen. Harleen has ego issues. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to keep the marriage with Meher.

Vivek learns that Vidya is an illiterate. He gets much upset on her. He feels she is a big cheat. He is much hurt that she called him a cheater when he confessed his love. He wants to leave from her life. He tells her that he will get her punished by the law. Vidya gets mistaken on seeing the police. She thinks Vivek has send the police to get her arrested.

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