Kundali Bhagyaa Entangle twists Karan Preeta today

Kundali Bhagyaa Entangle twists Karan Preeta today

Kundali Bhagyaa Entangle twists Karan Preeta today Karan tells Preeta that she should stop lying to herself that she doesn’t like him. He tells that he knows that she loves him. She tells him that she has no feelings for him. He gets adamant to make her accept that she loves him. She asks him not to get personal when she has to just fulfill her tasks towards the client. She asks him why does he care so much if he earlier said that she doesn’t mean anything to him. She tells him that she really meant that he doesn’t matter to him. He asks her not to throw attitude.

She asks him of he is so hurt and affected by her comments. Janki calls Preeta for some work. Karan worries on Preeta’s verbal fume out. On the other hand, Kareena gets angry on Sarla’s service since the coolers aren’t working. The place has no cooling. Ramona and Kareena create a scene. Rishabh takes Sarla’s side and defends. He gets rude towards Ramona. He asks his family women not to take revenge on Preeta. He knows that they all have personal agendas behind keeping the function in Preeta’s wedding hall. Shrishti argues with Mahira. Rakhi and Rishabh try to manage the matter. Shrishti’s arguments spoil the matter more.

Shrishti blames Sherlyn. Sherlyn and Mahira are really behind the conspiracy to get Preeta insulted. Sherlyn tells Mahira that they will blame Shrishti and Preeta so that they can make a leave. Kareena scolds Shrishti. Preeta faces the tension. She tells them that they have mentioned in the contract that they have no Air conditioners in the hall. Sherlyn demands her to check about the coolers. Preeta takes some time to sort the matter. Rishabh makes calls to find help for Preeta. He calls his manager and arranges help. He finds Karan also managing the problem secretly. Rishabh is glad to know Karan still cares for Preeta.

He loves Karan for his goodness. He wants Karan to accept his feelings for Preeta. Shrishti gets into an argument with Sameer for not supporting her. She tells him that Karan is the worst person, he did this to intentionally hurt Preeta. Sameer wants her to rectify Preeta’s mistake. He tells that Preeta should mend her ways always. She feels that relations have already spoiled. Sameer hugs her to calm her down. Ramona thinks Arora sisters have already charmed Luthras. He thinks Kareena is right about them. Sherlyn and Mahira realize that Preeta had arranged the ice so soon. Karan fixes the things.

He praises Preeta for managing everything so well. Karan doesn’t take the credit for anything. Kritika tells Karan that she doesn’t support anyone who does wrong. Rakhi and Kritika tell Karan that he should have helped Preeta. Preeta asks Karan if he has any other problem. Karan hides his helpful side. Kareena insults Preeta further. She hurts Preeta’s sentiments. She asks Preeta not to see Karan from now and move ahead in her life. She humiliates Sarla for being greedy and taking their booking.

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