Kulfi Kumar Chalu plans entry in Sikandar’s life

Kulfi Kumar Chalu plans entry in Sikandar's life

Kulfi Kumar Chalu plans entry in Sikandar’s life Kulfi agrees to Chalu and meets the old lady. Chalu misleads Kulfi. She takes her aides inside the house and robs the locker. She wants to get all the cash and run away by using Kulfi’s innocence to trick the old lady. She gets selfish and doesn’t think of the old lady’s well-being. She opens the locker. She gets all the stuff and packs it soon. The old lady asks Kulfi to call her Dadi. Kulfi tells that she is everyone’s Dadi, but not of her. She tells the truth that she isn’t her granddaughter. The lady gets her gun and shoots in the air at Chalu.

Chalu gets caught, while her aides run away. The lady scolds Chalu for trying to rob her house. Kulfi realizes this and tells Chalu that theft is a really bad thing. She didn’t wish Chalu to do this. Chalu asks Kulfi not to tell anything. She warns her well. The lady says she has called the police already. Chalu tries to escape. She thinks she can trick the lady and run out from the door. Meanwhile, Jimmy tells Lovely that he is an expert in running records company, he will help her in taking the company to huge heights.

He asks her to realize that she can’t run the company on her own. He tells that she will get huge profits even if she gives fifty percent share to him. He asks her not to overthink, since she has no other option. Chalu asks the police to save the old lady from the robbers. She tells that she had come out to lead the police. The police barges into the house. Chalu runs away with Kulfi. Jimmy threatens Lovely badly.

He tells that he will tell everyone about her evil move of attacking Sikandar if she doesn’t accept the deal. He tells that she can be the face of the company, while he will be the back end owner. He asks her to make Amyra sing Vijaylaxmi’s song, since she had already sent Kulfi away. Lovely thinks about the deal. He tells that they both are similar, who wants success, fame and richness. He asks Lovely to do anything for success and get power in hand. He tells that if she accepts the deal, then he will assure that Sikandar will never recover. Chalu tells Kulfi that she is a thief and can enter any house.

Kulfi gets happy and asks her to help her in entering the house. She wants to meet Sikandar. Chalu thinks Kulfi would be working at the rich man’s house. She thinks to enter the house and rob. She agrees to Kulfi’s request. Chalu gets Kulfi home. She likes the big house and understands that Kulfi’s boss is really rich. She also gets keen to meet Sikandar. They don’t get to see Sikandar there. Kulfi wonders where is Sikandar right now. Lovely shifts Sikandar for her motives. Lovely joins hands with Jimmy. She accepts the deal for her benefits. Jimmy and Lovely will be after Sikandar’s life, property and business.

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Kundali Bhagya


  1. Boring soap,, playing evil Lovelyn n Amartya over n over,, it’s no longer interesting,, I wish there cud be no repeat


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