Kundali Bhagyaa Challenge time Karan Preeta romance

Kundali Bhagyaa Challenge time Karan Preeta romance

Kundali Bhagyaa Challenge time Karan Preeta romance Karan questions Preeta about her feelings. Rishabh insults Prithvi for his low thinking. He asks Prithvi to at least becoming a helping hand for Preeta, else he is totally useless. Sherlyn calls Rishabh. Prithvi hides from her. He thinks the entire Luthra family is here. He wants to run away before Sherlyn sees him. Sherlyn gets angry on him and doesn’t see his face. Prithvi acts foolish like always. He enquires about the marriage function happening. He wants to know about the groom and bride. The lady tells him that Karan and Mahira’s mehendi function is happening. Prithvi tells her that Karan is his favorite cricketer.

The lady tells that she didn’t think Karan will marry Mahira. Prithvi didn’t think that Karan will leave Preeta forever. He wants to become the solo winner of Preeta. He wants Preeta in his life. He knows Sarla will really give Preeta’s hand to him. He wants Sherlyn to keep Rishabh engaged while Mahira catches Karan. He gets desperate to meet Preeta. He gets overjoyed. The thieves plan to rob the jewellery and cash from the rich socialites. Preeta doesn’t answer Karan and rushes out. Karan leaves his function and follows Preeta.

Mahira is stressed about Preeta’s challenge. She doesn’t see the mehendi designs chosen by Sherlyn. Kareena focusses on Shrishti’s insult. Mahira gets the mehendi on her hands. Kareena wants to know Karan’s strong love for Mahira. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Shrishti may hurt her again. Sherlyn wants to morally support her. Ramona tells Kareena that Mahira can fall in trouble. Kareena tells that Aroras should understand the fact that Karan is of Mahira now. She wants to teach a lesson to Shrishti, who needs to understand this first.


Karan stops Preeta to get an answer. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She feels he will never understand him. He asks her to look at her mehendi, which won’t mean love between them. She tells him that she wants to know what does he want. He tells her that she will soon understand his desires if she looks into her heart. She doesn’t want to get cheated by him. She tells that she was wrong to think that he wants to insult her. She knows that he wants to hurt her more. He tells that he can never hurt her since he doesn’t matter to her.

He asks her if he means a lot to her. She tells him that she is ready to stay around while he fulfills the rituals of his marriage. Shrishti is happy that Preeta won’t step back now. He challenges her to stay around and prove that she doesn’t love him. He makes things more tough for her. Preeta takes Karan back to the wedding hall. He gets delighted. Mahira tells Sherlyn about Preeta’s challenge. Sherlyn and Shrishti get into a big argument. Sherlyn bears the insult. She runs away when Shrishti taunts about her pregnancy. Shrishti questions Mahira about her function. She tells that Preeta is the actual bride and Mahira is nothing but a guest.

She wants Mahira to understand the sign of fate and leave from Preeta’s way. Mahira tells elders that Shrishti was complimenting Karan and her pairing. Shrishti reminds Dadi that Preeta is already Karan’s wife. Prithvi wants to meet Preeta before leaving. He comes across Ramona and asks about Preeta. He praises himself and his smartness. Ramona doesn’t want to help him. She tells him that Sherlyn can help him. He wants to run out of Sherlyn’s sight again.

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