Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra family Twists coming

Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra family Twists coming

Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra family Twists coming Dadi falls down the stairs. She gets too hurt. She falls prey to Sherlyn’s evil plan. The family rushes Dadi to the stairs. Mahira suspects Sherlyn and finds the oil dropped on the stairs. She realizes that Sherlyn has done this. Sherlyn didn’t wish this to happen. She acts to show sympathy for Dadi. Mahira confronts Sherlyn for her huge crime. She tells Sherlyn that she has seen her into the crime. She reprimands Sherlyn for hurting the family. Mahira asks her if she has joined hands with Preeta and wanted to hurt Rakhi to stop her marriage. Sherlyn tells her that she hates Preeta and wanted revenge on Rakhi, who was taking Preeta’s side.

She wants Mahira and Karan to marry. She tells that she is against Preeta and the people who support her. Mahira finds Shelryn an evil minded person. She tells that she will tell the family about her. Sherlyn asks Mahira how will it benefit her. She asks Mahira to better win Rakhi’s heart. She promises to support Mahira. Mahira asks her not to get inhumane. She calls her move too wrong. She is sure that Rakhi will like her if she tells Sherlyn’s truth. Sherlyn is sure that Rakhi will love anyone else than Preeta. She offers help to Mahira. She asks Mahira to promise to keep this a secret. Mahira doesn’t listen to her.

Sherlyn worries that she will get exposed. Dadi tolerates the pain. Rishabh tries to arrange a doctor at the earliest. He fails to get the doctor, whose treatment doesn’t suit Dadi. They have no option to get help. Rishabh wants to call Preeta, who knows Dadi’s medical history. Kareena doesn’t want Preet to come home. Rishabh asks her to keep ego aside and think of Dadi’s pain. Dadi asks them if Preeta will come on their call. Karan assures to call Preeta and get her home. Kareena is sure that Preeta will have attitude if they beg to her.

She tells that she will be glad to see them in pain. Rishabh praises Preeta. Rakhi too believes Preeta. She asks Kareena to let Preeta handle Dadi. Karan and Rishabh are sure that Preeta will come on their call. Mahira finds them singing Preeta’s praise. She realizes Sherlyn was right. She changes her mind. Karan asks Preeta to come home for Dadi’s sake, Dadi is in much pain and needs treatment. Preeta agrees to him. She asks Sarla to permit her to go and treat Dadi. Sarla doesn’t want Preeta to help Luthras. On the other hand, Sameer goes to meet Shrishti. They spend time together. He doesn’t want anyone to see them together.

She asks him not to be a coward. She likes the adventurous fun. She asks Sameer if he had seen Karan and Preeta’s love. Sameer also feels that they worked as a team and value each other. He is hopeful that everything gets fine. He tells that he had seen Karan smiling and thinking of Preeta. She wishes that everything gets fine. Karan asks Sherlyn and Mahira to stay away, Dadi just needs Preeta right now, since Preeta is a doctor. Mahira gets jealous. Rakhi pacifies Mahira knowing she isn’t feeling good. Preeta asks Sarla to let her attend Dadi.

Sarla doesn’t want Preeta to bear any humiliation again. She is sure that Luthras will use her and then throw her away. Mahira turns angry on Karan. Sherlyn fills poison in her mind. Mahira asks Sherlyn to help her. Sherlyn makes her plead. Mahira apologizes to her. Preeta tells Sarla that she has sworn on her duty to always serve her patient irrespective of her enemies or friends tag. She promises to meet Luthras as a doctor and return after doing her duty. Sarla permits her. Preeta lands in Luthra house to help Dadi, which starts changing Karan’s mind.

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