Rishtey Pyar Heart breaking Shocker for Mishti Abir

Rishtey Pyar Heart breaking Shocker for Mishti Abir

Rishtey Pyar Heart breaking Shocker for Mishti Abir Mishti and Nannu get engaged. Rajshri blesses and hugs Mishti. Abir plays the dhol and makes a rocking entry in Maheshwari house. He wants to tell Mishti how much he loves her. Mishti breaks into tears on seeing Abir. The family worries. Maheshwaris ask Abir why did he come when Mishti is moving on. Abir is stressed too. Mishti asks Abir why did he come when he gave up on their love. Abir and Kunal make a plan to stop Mishti’s Roka. Abir apologizes to Mishti. They get into a moment. Kunal helps Abir express his love.

Vishwamber tells him that he will give nek to Abir and send her away. Rajshri tells that Roka won’t stop if Abir comes after his realization. Vishwamber and Rajshri decide to get the engagement done right in front of Abir. Vishwamber tells Kunal that he is like his son, but he can’t take advantage of their love. Mishti and Nannu exchange rings. Abir apologizes again. He witnesses the engagement. Mishti shows the door to Abir. She asks Abir to leave from her function. Abir makes a leave. Mishti stays sad while Nannu gets helpless. Nannu looks for her. When he doesn’t find her in the room, he thinks she has gone to meet Abir.

He wants to give her space. He calls up Abir to talk about Mishti. He gets in dilemma. Mishti returns home crying. He doesn’t want her to get hurt. Nannu questions her feelings. He asks her if she wants to return to Abir. He tells her that she is his friend first and he wants her happiness. He tells that he was wrong to think he is most important for her, since her candies are more important. She tells him that his plan was stupid.

He asks her not to feel guilty for anything. He feels everyone was in shock with Abir’s coming, which was much unexpected. She wonders why did Abir come when he didn’t wish to see her face for months. She wants to know why he wants to talk to her now. He knows that he has come home just to help her win her love. He gets emotional expecting Mishti to break up the engagement.

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