Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking twist Bahu Begum Spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking twist Bahu Begum Spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah Shocking twist Bahu Begum Spoilers Zara makes a plan to help Kabeer escape. Old Zara’s parents support her in this plan. She makes the mental asylum patients wear the masks so that the staff gets confused. She makes all the patients run away. She tells that they got a chance to take revenge for the injustice happened with them and help Kabeer also. The patients have affection towards Kabeer and know he is a right man. They agree with Zara in the plan. Zara makes everyone run at once, while the guards follow them. Zara takes Kabeer with her in the car. They flee and get free.

Kabeer and Zara head to old Zara’s grave to plan against Shahbaz. Kabeer hugs Zara’s dad and cries a lot. He didn’t know his own father is so much evil. He regrets to be Shahbaz’s son. He never imagined to see such a bad phase in his life. The asylum guards find Kabeer and want to punish him. The patients angrily beat up the guards. Kabeer gets free from Shahbaz’s evil clutches. Zara promises to help him in getting justice on his wife’s murder. Zara’s parents also want Shahbaz to get punished.

Bahu Begum: Razia asks Noor to bring Azaan back and says only you can make him fine. Noor calls the family members and tells that Azaan Akhtar Mirza will sing-song for her to save his Ammi from her. Azaan sings the song while Noor records it. She asks Razia to upload on the networking site. The song gets many likes and Azaan gets an offer from a music company. Azaan comes home and tells Noor that he has signed the contract with the music company. He challenges Noor that he will but the haveli back from her. Noor provokes him and smiles. She wants Azaan to succeed in his life. She applies reverse psychology and insults him deliberately so that he becomes independent again.

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