Kulfi Kumarr Shocking DNA result Nihalo entry lined

Kulfi Kumarr Shocking DNA result Nihalo entry lined

Kulfi Kumarr Shocking DNA result Nihalo entry lined Lovely gets the DNA test done to prove that Chalu isn’t Kulfi’s mother Nimrat. Amyra goes to push Kulfi and oust her from the music room. Kulfi argues with her stating that its Sikandar’s room and she also has a right on it, being his daughter. She tells Amyra that she is Amyra’s elder sister and will not tolerate any indecent behavior from anyone. Lovely supports Amyra in the argument, while Kulfi gets Chalu’s support. Lovely fills Amyra’s ears again. She tells that they should have never trusted Kulfi, since Kulfi is taking advantage of their goodness.

She tells Amyra that Kulfi is responsible for Sikandar’s state and now she is claiming her rights on him, after leaving him in the near to dead state. Amyra gets fuming on Kulfi. Lovely swears to kick out Chalu and Kulfi soon. Chalu tells her that she will not be taking Kulfi anywhere. Beauty and Cutie get the DNA test done art the lab. Chalu sends her aide and learns about the DNA test. She asks him to just mix the samples and run away. Her aide does as she instructs him. He mixes the DNA samples to fail Lovely’s plan.

Beauty wants to get the test results soon. The lab technician tells her about the samples getting mixed. He tells that there are bar codes on every sample, so the samples won’t get lost any way. He asks Beauty to wait for a day, he will inform her the results soon. Later, Chalu and Kulfi come for breakfast. Lovely asks them to enjoy their last breakfast in the house. She gets the DNA test reports delivered at home. Lovely reveals about the DNA test performed. She tells that they will be out now.

She asks Cutie to check the reports. Cutie is left in shock seeing the positive reports. Chalu has helped Kulfi again by arranging the samples again and making the DNA test matched. Kulfi has taken help from Mohendar also. Mohendar tells Kulfi that Sikandar never wanted to cut his long hair and kept the hair preserved in his album. She had taken Sikandar’s hair from his album. Kulfi had sent the hair sample of Sikandar to get the DNA match. Chalu and Kulfi laugh on their plan. Lovely scolds them. Chalu teases Lovely for being so foolish. Beauty tells Chalu that she will expose her some how.

Chalu throws attitude on them. Lovely recalls Nihalo. She tells Cutie that Nihalo hates Kulfi and will surely help them. She tells that Nihalo is in the jail. She goes to meet Nihalo and take her help. She takes many gifts for Nihalo. Kulfi wants to find Sikandar. Chalu scolds Amyra a lot to know about Sikandar. Amyra gets crying and runs away. She doesn’t know where Lovely has kept Sikandar. Chalu fails to get answers.

Lovely asks Nihalo to help her against Kulfi. She tells that Nihalo can help Chalu’s fraud. Kulfi gets to overhear the conversation. She informs Chalu about Nihalo, her aunt. Will Kulfi and Chalu fail Lovely’s upcoming plan? Will Kulfi be able to reach Sikandar by ending this cat and mouse game? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya Preeta enters Luthra family Twists coming


  1. It’s okay that the serial is going off air . give the serial a happy ending Reunite sikander kulfi and Amyra and send lovely to Jai)


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