Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Chalu ousted Search for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Chalu ousted Search for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Chalu ousted Search for Sikandar Kulfi gets scared that Nihalo will come. Chalu asks Kulfi not to stop and keep moving. Someone hides from them. Kulfi senses the strange presence. She tells Chalu that someone was really behind. She sees Nihalo, who disappears. Mohendar tells them that they can try their best, but Lovely will never let them reach Sikandar. Chalu tells him that he should explain Lovely that someone else is responsible for Sikandar’s state, someone wanted to kill Sikandar. She asks him if anyone is blackmailing him. She offers him help like a sister. He gets emotional. He doesn’t tell that he suspects Lovely. Kulfi gets to see Nihalo’s shadow. She calls Chalu.

The shadow disappears. Chalu asks Kulfi not to disturb her, and let her find Sikandar. She asks Kulfi to rest in her room. Kulfi fails to prove herself. She sees someone in Nihalo’s get up and follows. Kulfi tries to find her. Chalu checks Sikandar’s room. Kulfi gets locked. Chalu goes towards the wardrobe. Kulfi gets scared seeing Nihalo. Chalu stops when she hears Kulfi shouting.

Lovely tells Kulfi that Nihalo will tell Chalu’s truth to the family and police. She asks Kulfi to get scared of God. She scares Kulfi further saying that Sikandar will pay a price for her huge lies. She makes Kulfi feel guilty. Kulfi cries. Lovely asks her how can she get anyone as her mother. She knows Chalu isn’t Nimrat. Chalu tries to open the door and reach Kulfi. Lovely breaks down Kulfi. She offers help if Kulfi tells the truth. Kulfi fears to lose Sikandar. Chalu gets inside the door. Kulfi admits that Chalu isn’t her mother Nimrat and she lied. Lovely switches on the lights. She shows Beauty in Nihalo’s disguise.

Chalu tells that there is no proof, she will stay with them. Lovely laughs and tells that she was well prepared. She shows the recording she had taken of Kulfi’s confession. Chalu tries to get the recorder. She runs away. Lovely follows her. Amyra stops Kulfi. Police is called at home. Police asks Kulfi and Chalu to leave the house. Kulfi buys some time and hopes to find Sikandar.

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  1. Kulfi need not worry. she will find her father. aa Amyra will help kulfi Bad things always comes to an end and goodness will prevail. Her father will become normal and he will drive out lovely and her family

  2. Y the story is dragging on is there any end to the atrocities of Fat n cunning loveley towards kulfi.When she will be exposed.


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