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Kahaan Hum Starplus Veena dead for Rohit huge twists There are high points in the drama. Suman shocks Veena by proving the truth. Veena doesn’t want Rohit to swear on his wife. She senses that Suman is telling the truth, but is afraid to face it. Suman asks Veena to face the truth. She provides evidence of Naren’s blood donation to Pooja at the time of her suicide attempt. She tells that Naren and Yash had cleverly covered up the truth and Rohit helped them. She unmasks Rohit’s huge secret that he kept Veena in darkness to protect her from sorrow.

Veena didn’t expect this from Naren and Rohit. She loves them the most. She can’t take the shocker. She finds Naren speechless. Suman asks Veena how can she be so foolish to not know Naren’s huge lie. She tells that the entire family fooled Veena. Veena breaks down on understanding the big deceive. Rohit accuses Sonakshi for telling the truth to Suman. He feels that she cheated him and broke his family, when he trusted her so much. Suman leaves the Sippys to quarrel among themselves. She ruins their house peace and goes away.

Sonakshi defends that she didn’t tell the secret to Suman. Veena faints down, which worries the family. Rohit loves Veena the most. He hates Naren even more. Pooja starts hating Naren for his huge lie. She is indebted to Nishi and Yash, but can’t forgive them for the huge plan to get Rani as her real mother. Rohit rushes Veena for the first aid. Veena soon gets seizures. Rohit stops Naren and Sonakshi from helping Veena. He takes help from Yash and Nishi. He saves Veena in time by getting his hand hurt by her biting teeth during the seizures. He stabilizes Veena’s conditions. He wants to stay with Veena.


He asks the family to leave them alone. Sonakshi insists to look after Veena. Rohit lets Tanya stay back instead. He goes away for an argument with Sonakshi. He is unhappy and disgusted that she shared the secret with Suman. Sonakshi defends herself and tries to cure his wounds. He is very much sure that she shares all the personal secrets with her. Sonakshi tells him that she will find out the news source. He warns her against getting close to his family. Suman vents anger on Pari as well. Sonakshi rushes to Suman’s place to meet her and get an answer. Suman doesn’t get pleased to see her daughter.

She asks Sonakshi to leave if she is a Sippy. Sonakshi wants to know about the person sharing the big secret with her. Suman is hurt that Sonakshi doesn’t care for them anymore. She wants Sonakshi to support Pari, knowing Rohan is equally wrong to have an affair, despite being married. Sonakshi wants to react on Pari’s matter later, since her marriage is in trouble right now. She begs Suman to tell her about the person, who leaked Naren’s truth. Suman doesn’t care for Sonakshi’s tensions.

She asks Sonakshi to handle her in-laws and her marriage herself. Sonakshi gets disheartened. She doesn’t waste time there and returns back to Sippy mansion. Nishi and Yash are worried for Pooja. Naren wants to talk to Pooja. He thinks he must apologize. Rohit condemns Naren for being the root of all the problems. Naren accuses Sonakshi and Suman for breaking his family. Naren and Rohit taunt each other. Shockingly, Ajit falls in Sonakshi’s feet and begs for forgiveness. Sonakshi wants to know his next mistake. He reveals that he is the stupid person who told the truth to Suman. He tells that he was drunk that time.

She asks him how could he leak the family secret. He begs him to not tell Rohit about his mistake. Sonakshi assures him that she will not let him face the wrath. They rush to meet Veena on knowing Veena got conscious. Poor Veena gets in denial to avoid the ugly truth. She behaves normal like she was, some hours back. Rohit understands that she is in trauma and needs to come out of it. He slaps Veena to bring her out of trauma. He feels guilty for slapping his mother. He reacts so since he is a doctor and helpless to help her get rid of trauma. He apologizes to Veena.

He asks her to face the reality, the truth that Naren cheated her and Pooja is his illegitimate daughter. Veena tells him that she wants to live in the false world, since she has no courage to face it. She comes to terms with the reality. She criticizes Naren for his extra-marital affair. She reprimands the family for cheating her. She vents anger on Rohit who fooled her with the lie just to protect her from truth. She feels she has no one true. She wants everyone to leave her alone.

She ends her ties with Naren and Rohit as well. She didn’t expect Rohit to deceive her. She cries on her false world with Naren and Sippys. Rohit cries when Veena tells that his mum is dead for him. She doesn’t want to call him her son. Rohit shatters. Sonakshi wants to console Rohit, but he isolates himself. Sonakshi saves Ajit and accepts that she told Naren’s truth to Suman. Rohit shouts his hatred for Sonakshi, for breaking his mother, his lovely family. Will Sonakshi’s sacrificing lie break her marriage? Keep reading.

Best Comment by Jazz:

It’s really sad seeing Sona to get all the blame. Rohit looses his bad temper as usual and accuse Sona as well, not fair. Ronakshi were good before they were married. Why the makers chose the entire story will be based on family drama and Sona will fall into this blame game each time. Not nice at all. They should get over with this melodrama and take Khkt Ronakshi’s love life to the next level.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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  1. Why the uncommon lovestory & the plot of KHKT is becoming so common? The makers always say that the viewers will never see the things which are common in Hindi TV serials, so what is this? I mean it is absolutely Okay to be melodramatic. I mean that is necessary for any TV serial. But is this important to portray Sonakshi’s character negative(in reality which is obviously not) everytime? The makers are now turnig the story into a common family drama. This is really disappointing.

  2. Today’s ongoing drama was really disappointing.
    Why would Sona lie again just to safeguard Ajit again?
    Why the makers always portraying the lead actor Sona falling in the trap o blame game ??
    Khkt showcasing now a typical stereotyped melodrama just like any other out there .

    Whereas the makers had promised to present a beautiful love story Btwn two different world personality yes of course with little melo drama that’s natural in day to days life ..
    But recent tracks are changing viewers opinion completely.
    Sona being an independent smart successful girl now coming up with her sacrifices one after another just like reel life .
    Is this the makers want to present ..
    An ideal bahu putting up her married life in stake.
    With her sacrifices.
    No not really .
    I mean c’mon 21 st century ..women are equipped with iPhone iPad Apple laptop n what not ..standing up for women’s right. Blah n blah
    But somewhere in the society they still have to undergo these sacrifice to keep the marriage intact .

    • It’s all true..it happens in evry home..happens jnmine…women have to take blame for everything…in the end it just stops mattering to us

  3. Sona’s character is not justified as she’s hiding a crime done by Ajit.. no matter wt she should share everything with Rohit.. her first responsibility is towards Rohit..
    when Rohit hides thgs for the benefit of family Sona was insisting Rohit that he Sud speak out .., now she’s hiding thgs herself.. no doubt truth will be out one day but is it really so imp to make Sona a super woman?? N Suman (wow) is this lady insane… she’s only taunting n complaining all the time.. she’s practical but revealing the truth in such a way in a Party was stupidity & moreover defending Pari.. like really… no doubt bk home she’s been strict with Pari but pointing fingers n digging graves to cover up own mistakes is not a solution.. she spoils her own daughter’s family.. when she cud spill out the truth abt Naren, y not Ajit.. who’s more dearer to her Sona or Ajit?? Senseless ..

    • Today’s episode is really disheartening.. Y only sons to face all prblm.. N y d maker is making her parvati. This is just becoming like other daily soaps..

      • Yeah today I didn’t feel bad for her because she chose this. She thought saving the real culprit was more fair than taking a false blame which would lead Rohit to hate her and probably lead to separation.

  4. Now come on!!! Every time and for every drama Sonakshi can’t be blamed for it!!! Don’t make this serial a regular drama like others. The beginning was fun and interesting between two worlds – Rohit being a heart surgeon and Sonakshi a TV actress. The romance between the two was sweet, now since the marriage it’s only nonsense drama. Please change the story and make it something unique. And please, don’t let a divorce happen between Rohit and Sonakshi otherwise I’ll completely stop watching this serial. And stop making Sonakshi a punching bag for Rohit!! Don’t like when he’s disrespectful towards her…. Change the story and let everyone know that Ajit was he one who told Suman the dark secret of Naren!! Don’t have to portray Sonakshi the Ideal bahu let her too stand up for herself, she didn’t get married to keep sacrificing herself. With this drama she doesn’t have to go through a divorce and bitterness which is not her fault at all… Enough of sacrifices and divorce in every serial!!!

    • I think more than anything else it is just wrong to save the real culprit really. Well if Sonakshi has chosen to lie then she will face the consequences as well. I am not bothered anymore. If Sonakshi wants to be Devi Parvati in real life then it’s her choice.

  5. Really
    This is too dramatical
    What the hell this is!
    Please make it good and interesting
    It should be filled with love and happiness not always fighting
    I think they should think what they are showing
    Please don’t make it that much of bad
    It is full of fighting
    Give it a bunch of happiness
    Not liking nowadays episode
    Improve it

  6. Yes …I totally agree..now it’s just all family drama ..and Nothing else …she is sachchai ki devi rt how can she lie now and that too when her marriage is at stake??? Why cant we have something else rather than showing a bahu as the superwoman…Pakistani dramas are much better than our indian serials ..divorce marraige and again remarriage…and again divorce …u have made a joke of family system…h

  7. No, whatever is happening in sippy house that not to be happen but this is dramatic serial so this is necessary to give twist in show but after sometime it will solve we will become more happy as compared to before this twist

  8. My opinion is that if Sonakshi wants to ruin her own marriage to save a drunken Ajit then fair enough let it be. She thinks she is God. Good then let her suffer the consequences because I repeat she clearly had a choice. Also Rohit deserves to know the truth. One day or the other the truth will come out but then it would be too late by that time. Also Rohit blames Sonakshi for everything. Even for Pari’s affair with Rohan Rohit didn’t blame Rohan as much. I always felt that Sonakshi deserved a better life partner but anyway what happened in today’s episode I don’t really blame Rohit’s anger and also it is completely up to Sonakshi if she wants to stick to her reel life character Parvati in her real life too. This show is nothing but high voltage family drama that fun that light hearted romance all of it is long gone I don’t even watch it everyday.

  9. The producer or the writer should be very practical while writing the story.. u don’t think that people will like a sati savitri and the SARVA GUN SAMPANN type character who tolerates everything without any excuses even if she didn’t do anything wrong.. In mostly episode we see that the star lady never explain anything and face every mental and physical torture.. it’s become outdated now .. i like the star cast, the all the characters, wait everyday for new episode but this sati savitri character don’t reach upto my expectation level

  10. Yet again, a good, seemingly fresh storyline, turns typical. Same people behaving the same stupid way. Everyone using relationships for their convenience. Same people making mistakes and one person who is supposed to be the strongest character becomes the weakest, and becomes Tulsi, Parvati, Simar, and thousand other age-old characters we’ve seen a thousand times over the years. So disappointed with the makers of this show.

  11. I really want Ronakshi’s love story back and not the typical saas bahu melodrama.

    This serial was unique in beginning but now its boring and mental trauma.

    Makers should create some new concept apart from all this.

  12. this is high time to change the plot..why she has to become the great devi to save Ajit whereas on the other side u show sonakshi to be independent girl.. who is outspoken and does not take any useless blames on her..then suddenly why do u show her feeble or a great sacrificer ..i hate Ajit can’t he see that for him sona is suffering… he is the son of the family eventually everyone will forgive Ajit but what about Sona..anyways the whole fam is against her and Rohit is the first one to blame her always…he promises to stay by her and suddenly looses his cool and says its not her family..godd dammit you married her..its her family as well..stop making her feel as an outsider than what u will realise ur mistake and then apologise..and sonakshi being a devi will forgive him…seen these dramas a lot in tv…stop potraying her as Ishi maa of everyone and start showing her as Sonakshi….Somehow she lost her identity…totally disappointed..like they did not even have had a proper quality time together.. no honeymoon direct divorce…..bring some bright side of them..please

  13. at first they showed her bold top actress then she became a great god by sacrificing her career…who does that man when u have achieved soo much and also got enough support from ur hubby and especially mother in law…Dipika is still in her Simar character of Sasural simar kaa…on the day she got married she decuded she wont wear anything other than saree…who told her to do that?? i think the moment she started to wear saree suddenly the character of parvati or more precisely Simar overshadowed her character as Sonakshi..she was better in western atleast that time she had a mouth to speak… she was bolder… the moment she became the bahu the typical serial bahu of who is sarvagun sampan is shown…its practically not possible..somewhere sonakshi lost her identity…does not suit her at all…

  14. Same old drama, nothing new and like all shows back to basic…. thr obedient daughter in law gets blamed each time. Strange Rohit doesn’t trust his wife. He is as always the angry young man. So, his mom knows the truth. It’s devastating for her and natural
    Reaction. Suman is the worst mother ever. Who would want to ruin her daughters marriage and in-laws relationships. She needs to calm down a bit. The idea of marriage and getting adjusted to in-laws place sounds so awful and dramatic. Which daughter in law will be so sacrificing each time.

  15. I was an ardent fan of this show when there were true Rohit Sonakshi moments but now I have stopped watching . A highly disappointed fan. It has become so boring..same old storyline ..


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