Kulfi Starplus Shocking news breaks Kulfi’s heart

Kulfi Starplus Shocking news breaks Kulfi's heart

Kulfi Starplus Shocking news breaks Kulfi’s heart Kulfi runs to the room to get herself saved from the police. She doesn’t know that she will be finding Sikandar soon. Lovely shouts on Kulfi. She asks everyone to find Kulfi and drag her out. Kulfi hides inside the cupboard. She doesn’t want to leave the house without meeting Sikandar. Mohendar prays that Kulfi finds Sikandar some how. He wishes for the father-daughter union. Kulfi gets inside the secret door. She learns about the passage going to a safe place. Lovely feels Kulfi has run away. She calls someone and asks for killing Kulfi.

She doesn’t want Kulfi back. Mohendar has seen Kulfi entering Sikandar’s room. He wants Kulfi to fulfill her wish. Kulfi comes face to face with Sikandar. She feels much happy to see him. They get into an emotional moment. She wants him to call her Kulfi. He isn’t able to talk. He just hears her out. She tells him that he will soon get cured, like his survival became possible. She tells that Lovely wasn’t listening to her and kept her away. She wants to tell Lovely about him. He doesn’t want to make such a mistake. He tries to stop her.

She senses he wants to tell something when she feels his fast heartbeat. She asks him if he wants to tell about Lovely. She asks Sikandar to give her a clue if Lovely is behind the entire conspiracy. Sikandar winks to her. She cries on realizing Lovely’s ugly truth. She learns that Lovely wanted to kill him. She can’t believe this.


Lovely feels Kulfi may come back home, which she doesn’t want. She asks Cutie and Beauty to make sure that Kulfi doesn’t return. Kulfi tells Sikandar that Lovely has cheated her. She tells that Lovely had snatched Nimrat and is now trying to snatch Sikandar. She wants to expose Lovely’s crimes. Sikandar stops her from going. He recalls Lovely threatening him about Gunjan. He doesn’t want Gunjan to fall in danger.

Kulfi asks Sikandar to come along, so that they run far from Lovely’s limits. Sikandar doesn’t want to risk Kulfi’s life. Meanwhile, Jimmy meets Lovely to talk about the new songs launches. He makes song remixes plan. She wishes that Amyra becomes a big star by singing best songs. He assures it. Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi. Kulfi sings a song for him. Kulfi makes a plan to stay back in the house and expose Lovely’s truth.

Best comment by Hafeela Akbar:

It’s not fair for Kulfi and Sikkander to go through so much misery and Loveleen to have the best of everything all the time in this story. Amyra seems to love her foster father, Sikander and is not aware of the harm done to Sikkander by her own mother but is made to believe that only Kulfi has brought about this condition. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a tele series watched and loved by families with children in many countries of the world. If Kulfi continues to have problems and not easily reunited with her father with Loveleen continuing with her wicked ways, little children who watch will lose faith in God.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. We love this drama. Today “s very interesting episode I am a great fan of sikander aka mohit malik and kulfi aka Aakriti sharma friday” S episode was very emotional. Keep the show going on and the show ona happy note

    • This is not fair I don’t watch this anymore till when will kulfi suffer sick n tired of this nonsense better pull it off and bring new series cause now it lost it’s track.

  2. I think it’s about time to stop this ugly drama and the wickedness shown, this supposedly show about family love and unity. But sadly its completely changed into and made it horror story programme,
    People with young children are watching. So producers really spare a thought for influencing your creating on it has on young minds. The hatred its showing and big wicked elephant size mum, please please stop it can’t take it anymore,

  3. I enjoy watching the shows…what I find there are to many repeated acting to prolong shows which becomes very annoying.. This falling into the man’s hands and looking at each other is to common.. Also becomes that clues can’t be given to the good people like kulfi in writing from uncle also tell her not to mention it as his wife is in danger..

  4. I really love the show but i am very disheartened by the continuous triumph of bad over good?what moral values should the kids pick from this,you guys have lost your focus,please end it nicely.

  5. This was a good show in the beginning for all ages especially kids. But now it’s having a nagative impact on the kids, they will believe that difficulties doesn’t come to an end. But reality everything comes to an end. When Wil kulfi find love and happiness in her life. Directer please consider this


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