Kumkum Tonight Lohri Abhi Pragya celebration twists

Kumkum Tonight Lohri Abhi Pragya celebration twists

Kumkum Tonight Lohri Abhi Pragya celebration twists Abhi doesn’t want Pragya to worry because of Aaliya. Aaliya doesn’t want Pragya in their lives. She decides to make Rhea meet Pragya, so that Pragya gets heartbroken on the confrontation. She wants Rhea to question about her abandonment. She thinks what will Pragya answer Rhea. She wants to burn Pragya and Rhea’s relation forever. She can’t take Abhi’s scolding further. She bribes a waiter for her plan to hurt someone/Pragya. Rhea awaits Maya to signal her after the plan. Shahana asks Prachi not to let Ranbir go with Maya.

Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir picked her bracelet and maybe he will gift it to Maya. Prachi, Rhea and others don’t see Abhi with Pragya. Aaliya fumes on seeing them together. She wants Rhea to be present and witness the drama. Abhi and Pragya celebrate the Lohri together. They perform the Lohri rituals. Purab is happy for them. She wants to burn her daughter’s hatred and problems in the fire. Abhi wants to burn all of Pragya’s problems in the fire. Aaliya wants to signal the waiter to stop the plan, since Rhea is not around. He doesn’t understand and puts the hot coal in front of Pragya. Pragya’s foot gets burnt.

Abhi and Purab care for her. Pragya wants to complete the Lohri puja. Abhi tells her that they will hold hands and complete the round. Pragya fails to walk. Abhi lifts her to complete the puja. Aaliya gets angry on seeing their romance. Purab wishes them happy Lohri. Pragya asks Abhi to stay away from her if their daughter is around. She doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt. She goes away. Abhi tells Purab about Aaliya ruining Pragya’s happiness by revealing about Rhea’s hatred. Purab gets angry on Aaliya.


Maya tells Ranbir that girls will get jealous seeing them. She compliments her. Ranbir tells Maya that he can’t tell her about his lover. Maya forgets her purse. She realizes she didn’t get the drugs to spike his drink. She asks Ranbir for a drink. He refuses after recalling Prachi’s words.

She tries to trick him. Prachi is just concerned for her bracelet. Maya calls Rhea to get the drugs. Rhea asks her to pick it. Prachi looks for Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir was with Maya. Rhea wants to hide Maya from Prachi. She passes the drugs. Ranbir tells Maya that he knows her plans. He tells about Prachi, whom he loves a lot.

She spikes the drink. He talks so much that he forgets to drink the juice. She reminds him to finish the drink. She gets ready to execute her plan. Pragya hides her tears from Prachi. She wants Prachi to perform the puja.

Pragya challenges Aaliya that her daughter will bring her home, after getting rid of all the hatred fed by Aaliya. She asks Aaliya not to forget the strength of a mother’s love. She leaves before meeting her daughter. Aaliya doesn’t think Pragya can ever win this challenge. Purab reprimands Aaliya for hurting Pragya. Aaliya has no regrets to say the truth. Purab reminds her about her old lies.

Best comment by Theophila:
The writer is dragging this story too far. Every time no happy ending, is this show going to end in tragedy. Please let it end already. It is far the longest series with annoying repetitions.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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