Kundali Bhagya Karan restless Bahu Begum Shayra returns

Kundali Bhagya Karan restless Bahu Begum Shayra returns

Kundali Bhagya Karan restless Bahu Begum Shayra returns Karan doesn’t believe Mahira’s words. Sarla tells Inspector that Preeta can’t do anything. Inspector says he will free Preeta if Mahira gives statement in her favor. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta asked her to back out from the marriage, as she is married to him. Karan looks on. He comes to the Police station to meet Preeta. He wants to know the truth. He believes that Preeta can’t take anyone’s life. Preeta defends herself. Will Karan bail her out by showing faith on her? Keep reading.

Bahu Begum: Noor tells Razia that they have to enact Shayra’s death in front of Azaan. She says we have to make him see Shayra’s truth indirectly. She wears Shayra’s clothes and runs out of haveli. Azaan runs behind her thinking Shayra is going away from him. Noor takes him to the burial ground and show him Shayra’s grave. She tells that Shayra is dead. Azaan is shocked and shouts Shayra. Razia asks Azaan to marry Noor. Azaan proposes Noor on Razia’s insistence. Noor accepts his marriage proposal and hugs him. Just then Shayra comes there and calls Azaan. She witnesses the moment. Noor, Razia and Azaan are shocked.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Guneet gets upset with Amber as he broke her phone by mistake. Amber reminds her that she had once broken his phone in the office. Nia is upset with the happenings. Kajal tells that they are stupid to search here and there, uncle’s date is here. Shri says I like Guneet from day 1. Kabir says even me, she is right lady. Nia looks at them. They all plan to make Amber and Guneet like each other. Nia realizes Guneet is the right choice for her dad.


Best comment on Kundali’s last post by Radhikaa:

This is so repetitive. Again n again evil wins. And not sure whats the gestation period for Sherlin’s baby. She has been carry for more than a year. She celebrated all festivals right from Holi to Diwali while being pregnant. Doesn’t that complete the 9 month Human cycle? And Luthra’s are plain stupid people. Top of the list Karan Luthra. He keeps blaming Preeta for Rishabh’s wedding because he knows Sherlin is evil but after the wedding why has he not tried to expose her? Has he accepted Sherlin? Stop the evil and let some good happen.

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  1. The repetition of evil winning is really rediculous. Its high time there is a twist in kundali Bhagya where Sherilyn, Prithvi and mahira are exposed.

  2. bahu begam series is too slow and weak and characters also is poor exceptional samiksha, arijit taneja and razia begum. I think it should be shut down…..

  3. Kundali bhagya such an irritating show like how each and every time preet get blamed by all the luthra family members and all time she only fall in troubles and how can sherlyn escape all the time even after attempting so many crimes with prithvi like it doesn’t make any sense unrealistic show and there is also no sign of sherly’s pregnancy and now mahira came she pushed prita infront of the truck and prita even don’t know about it after seeing mahira injured severely how is this possible make something sensible story and realistic don’t make people mad with unrealistic story

  4. It’s ridiculous we reach everyone that one day good has victory over bad but to prove it wrong kundali bhagya is a good example . I don’t know why sherlin never get exposed, why prithvi n now one more Mahira are not getting exposed . Please please I beg stop showing this bad deeds winning always it’s a family show where few kids too watch the show , we should teach them good values it’s a humble request.

  5. Kundali bhagya serial band kar do dimag kharab har bar bichari preeta ko hi blame karte ha sab log aur wo mahira karan shadi suda ha bolke pata ha aur bari ayi karan se shaadi karneko besharam ladki aur sherlyn 3months pregnant thi shaadi se pehle abhi tsk uska pet nhi dikha hz bakwass serial…


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