Kundali Today Preeta jailed Karan reacts shockingly

Kundali Today Preeta jailed Karan reacts shockingly

Kundali Today Preeta jailed Karan reacts shockingly Sherlyn tells Karan that Preeta had really tried to harm Mahira. Karan asks Sherlyn not to interfere in his matter. Mahira explains that Preeta pushed her in front of the truck. Ramona asks him to believe Mahira, his would be wife. Karan defends Preeta. He tells Mahira that Preeta would never do such a crime. Ramona asks him why would Preeta drag them into legal matters if she is really so good. She asks Karan to believe Mahira. She asks Mahira to tell Karan about Preeta’s threatening. Mahira tells that she doesn’t want to give him any tension. Kareena asks Mahira to break her silence.

She wants Karan to value Mahira. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta asked her to back out from the marriage, since Karan and Preeta are married. She lies that Preeta wants alimony from him. Sherlyn likes Mahira’s acting and feels proud. Mahira brainwashes Karan. Karan doesn’t lose faith on Preeta. Kareena tells Karan that everyone had seen Preeta’s crime. She tells him that police has arrested Preeta. She asks him to help Preeta if he wants, but value Mahira’s love. She wants to hate Preeta knowing her ill intentions. Karan feels bad when they call Preeta a criminal. Shrishti too can’t hear anything against Preeta.

Preeta asks Shrishti not to argue with policemen. Sarla and Janki reach the police station to help Preeta. Preeta apologizes to Sarla for not listening to her and meeting Luthras again. Sarla assures to save her. She knows Preeta well that Preeta can never harm anyone. She tells that Preeta can’t see anyone in pain. She wants to take Preeta home. Karan gets into a dilemma over Preeta’s truth. He thinks Preeta had ruined everything when it was getting fine. He wants to confront Preeta for risking Mahira’s life.


He feels Preeta should have spoken to him once about her feelings. Rakhi tells Mahira that she trusts Mahira for her injuries, but she can’t believe that Preeta is the reason for her injuries. Ramona and Mahira get upset with Rakhi. Sherlyn thinks Rakhi’s faith can’t be moved. Rakhi wants Mahira to get fine soon. She apologizes to her for not supporting her. She feels bad for Preeta. She wants to save Preeta from the police. Sherlyn gets into a verbal tussle with Rakhi. She wants Preeta jailed. Rakhi better makes a leave. Sherlyn asks Mahira not to care for Rakhi, who will never forget Preeta.

She asks Mahira to just focus on Karan, if he is brainwashed, then everything will go smooth for her. She tells Karan’s weakness, who can easily get manipulated. She asks Mahira to take advantage of Karan’s dilemma. Mahira wants to play the game and win Karan. Sherlyn asks Mahira to stay in the hospital for more days so that Preeta can get blamed again and again. She tells that Karan can stay with Mahira in the hospital ward. Mahira gets troubled. She asks Sherlyn to get away. Sherlyn threatens her on her misbehavior. She has learnt from Prithvi that she can’t trust anyone. She wants to cut Mahira’s wings once she flies high.

She wishes to share the good news with Prithvi. She fears that he can go against her to make good points by saving Preeta. Sarla tells the inspector that Preeta can’t harm anyone. Inspector tells them that Mahira gave statement against Preeta. Preeta tells that Mahira has hurt herself to blame her. Inspector asks them to get Mahira’s statement in Preeta’s favor so that the charges get void. He asks them to speak to Luthras and convince them to withdraw the complaint. Preeta urges Sarla to meet Luthras once. She feels that they may believe her and help.

Sarla recalls her swear that she won’t step in Luthra mansion. Sarla decides to plead to Luthras to free Preeta. Ramona cries for her daughter. Rakhi consoles her. Karan fights his inner dilemma. Preeta stops Shrishti from going with Sarla, so that the matter doesn’t spoil by her temper. Preeta doesn’t want her hope to break.

Best Comment by Karen:
I really enjoy this show but they have dragged this story line on way too long. I was still hopeful that Janki might remember what Prithvi and Sherlyn did to her(what was that – over a year ago already) but there has just been too many things that have happened that it will be very difficult to get closure on ALL the things which Prithvi and Sherlyn have been involved with. There have been additional characters (like Rithvik and Monisha) whose story lines have come and gone and still no closure. And the biggest joke is that Sherlyn has been pregnant for forever and still is not showing – how is that possible. That kid is going to be born and be ready to start college at this point.

Kasautii ZK


  1. I want to say that Karan should trust Preeta because she is his best friend and they know each other very well.Secondly I would say that earlier Sherilyn and Prithvi were enough now Mahira has also came.If Mahira really loves Karan then she should be happy in Karen’s happiness and Karan’s happiness is in Preeta

    • This is really not done man!!!! ?? Sherlyn is pregnant since last Diwali, holi.. if someone remembers the doctor has already told Sherlyn that her pregnancy will be seen very soon and it is been here the track is not yet shown… if we consider that the year is going slow for them why would they celebrate Diwali again that means they accept that the year is completed then where have that hell baccha gone… usko bhi nigal gai kya Sherlyn..

  2. कब तक चलेगा शर्लिन कि मर्जी, जानकी और महेश अंकल कब सपोर्ट करने वालेहै

  3. कब तक चलेगा शर्लिन कि मर्जी, जानकी और महेश अंकल कब सपोर्ट करने वाले है

  4. Here we go again with this bullshit story line… when is it ever going to end… come on why drag this so far it’s getting real boring now.

  5. The while world knows about Indian man rape culture on women. They gang rape women and kill them. Cant Indian movie producers and film writers show the world through stories that women can be well treated and respected and protected? This story says otherwise. For Karna to leave his bride outside in the middle of the night, for him to forget how preeta saved him and rishab from jail by testifying, common, is it that Indian men have short memories? Then Sherilyn pregnancy is a joke! The biggest joke of movie industry. Stomach still flat!

  6. Sirf trp k liye show chla rhe Hain kuch to reality dikhao sherlin 1 Saal se pregnant hai but abhi tak uska Tomy bahar ni nikla Karan ki image bilkul spoil krdi ae. 1 saal se upar ho gya Karan preeta ko unko pyar realize ni ho rha… Stop all this show some reality

  7. Silly dragging story /never ending problems for the good/cunningness and evil wins /making people loose faith in being good./promoting manipulation

  8. I have already stopped seeing this serial because it’s becoming foolish day by day.Do you think people who see this serial do not have any brain?A serial need not be realistic,but it should have some sense.

  9. Everybody knows one cannot remarry but Karan is remarrying.when his first wife Preeta is alive.why preeta not telling to police reality of Luthras when she is already in .trouble.Now all foolish wastage of time Z TVstop talecasting this or change course of incidents.


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