Kundali Today Shocker Rishabh returns to rescue Preeta

Kundali Today Shocker Rishabh returns to rescue Preeta

Kundali Today Shocker Rishabh returns to rescue Preeta Kareena accuses Preeta for the big crime of attempting to kill Mahira. Sarla knows Kareena and Sherlyn don’t like Preeta. She begs Rakhi and Dadi to help her and free her from the jail. Ramona tells Sarla that Preeta had attacked Mahira in the hospital too. She asks Rakhi how can she support Preeta, as if Mahira doesn’t matter to her. Rakhi is sure that Preeta can never harm anyone. Ramona asks her to realize the truth. She insults Sarla. Ramona wants Rakhi to defend Mahira. She regrets that Rakhi feels sorry for Preeta. Kareena takes Rakhi with her. Sarla asks Dadi to think of Preeta’s goodness and help her in need.

Dadi wants to tell Sarla about Preeta sending the legal notice for Karan. Sarla doesn’t let her complete. She argues with Ramona. She tells that Preeta doesn’t love Karan, she doesn’t want to hinder his marriage with Mahira. She swears to not spare Ramona if she hears a word against Preeta now. Rakhi wants to help Sarla. Kareena and Sherlyn block Rakhi. Kareena asks Rakhi not to support Aroras. Rakhi gets upset when Kareena locks her in the room. Kareena asks servant not to help Rakhi. Servant feels bad for Rakhi.

Meanwhile, Sameer gets happy to get a big deal. He wants to share the news with Rishabh. He realizes that Rishabh has gone away for the meeting. Sameer thinks to share the success news with Shrishti. He wants her to feel proud. She blasts her anger on him, since his family got Preeta arrested. He wants to know the matter. She asks him not to mock her pain. He tells that he wants to help her. He shares the good news of his big deal. She breaks down and reveals about Preeta’s arrest. Sameer asks him the entire matter.

She tells him about Mahira’s evil conspiracy to frame Preeta. She tells that Sherlyn and Mahira have trapped Preeta so badly. Sameer can’t believe this. She tells him that Preeta is suffering and Karan isn’t willing to help. Sameer gives her hope. She also hopes that Karan believes Preeta. Ramona and Sarla’s heated argument goes on. Dadi fails to help Sarla. Ramona defends her daughter. Sarla tells Ramona that Bani Dadi knows her truth always. Dadi doesn’t know what to do, whom to support. Sarla asks her not to lose faith on Preeta. She asks them to at least have humanity. Kareena reprimands her for trying so hard by her poor acting and fake tears.

Sherlyn asks Sarla to leave, since they will never help Preeta. Sarla knows Sherlyn’s truth well. Ramona tells Sarla that everyone hates Preeta in Luthra house. Sarla doesn’t want Ramona to interfere. Sarla shouts on Sherlyn. Kareena defends Sherlyn. Sarla taunts them for not giving respect to Preeta. Kareena doesn’t want to accept Preeta as the Luthra bahu. Sarla cries a lot to melt Dadi’s heart. Ramona asks Kareena to put a stop to the drama. Kareena and Sherlyn ask Sarla to leave. Sarla and Janki get angry on Sherlyn.

Sarla refuses to go, unless Luthras withdraw the complaint. Janki lectures Luthras. Sarla feels that Luthras don’t deserve Preeta’s love. Ramona calls Preet a criminal. Sarla feels she did a mistake to come to ask for their help. She makes a leave. Sameer tries to contact Karan. Sameer contacts Rishabh, who is still at the airport because of the flight cancellation. Sameer wants to tell him about Preeta. Rishabh feels proud of him, knowing about the new deal.

Sameer informs him about Preeta’s arrest for Mahira’s accident charges. He tells that Sherlyn had filed the FIR. Rishabh is much hurt that Karan isn’t helping Preeta. He leaves his important business trip and rushes to the police station to help Preeta. Preeta has hopes from Karan and Sarla. Shrishti feels sorry. Rishabh would be helping Preeta once again as her true support.

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Best comment by Ayesha:

I’ve no idea why Ekta Kapoor doesn’t come up with better ideas. All she knows is kidnap, kill, comatose, terrorists, goons. And then the character such as Preeta is showed so spineless and dumb, it’s beyond a sight. If she’s so proud to be a doctor, she could find another one instead of getting in trouble. And please someone convey it the director. If they celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Lohri every year, how’s Sherlyn’s pregnancy still at the level of what it was 2.5 years ago? Is it some sort of voodoo?

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  1. Tomorrow karan will come talk some nonsense have some moments, eyelocks some lovely talks without remembering yesterday’s incident.what is this?

  2. Kyndali Bhagya just like kumkum bhagya are serials that have just negativities to glorify. Only the evil wins here and the good ones are left to suffer. Anil C Nagpal the scriptwriter of these two shows is a coward. His media responsibility is non existent. He grags the negativities to a never ending torture to watch. People watch TV for entertainment, not to get frustrated with sadistic plots.

  3. Ekta Kapoor’s Kundali Bhagya is quite popular. But why she is always trying to show that Hero of her serial is a dumb and useless? The character of Karan is simply irritating. He is just acted like a 5 year old boy. Anyone can play with him. First Monisha and now the chudail Mahira. And he is just like a deaf and dumb.He knows her family always troubles Preeta still he believes one outsider Mahira.

    • I wish rishab marry preetha as thy show in u tube karan doesn’t deserve preetha he doesn’t have any trust on her.so better preetha teach him a lesson by accepting rishab I hope da story take a twist.

  4. Ekta Kapoor should have come up with more positive character to Preeta instead giving more negative importance. Well when this serial is going to end.

  5. Preeta is so dumb she should move on in her life The luthras should regret accepting sherlyn and mahira I feel sherlyn should execute her plan and throw the luthras out of their own house so that stupid karne realize how idiot was he to believe mahira I really liked rishabh for preeta but he is the most unlucky guy in the shoe

  6. I want to tell director that he has already won TRP, but please expose bad thought as your serial Is now giving a bad message, not to help others , not to be kind and polite. What perching you are giving..

  7. This serial is giving bad advice, Don’t help people. Simple. Helping people will land you in big mess. People are not grateful. People don’t use their heads. Its a negative

  8. I have stopped watching Kundali Bhagya…Ekta Kapoor needs to do something…..bring an end to evils in the serials….conclude the serial with a happy ending

  9. One idea Ekta should give one year leap and they all celebrate​ Lohri and no baby around sherlyn. Because she is still carrying it. LOL. Grow up Karan!!! Or Ekta is turning your character negative

  10. I don’t understand anything..rishabh will help preeta!!!! luthra house main sirf ek inshan hain aur baaki sabke paas insaniat naamki koi sij nehi h.
    Agar sharlyn murkho ki maharani hain toh the karan luthra bhi murkho ke maharaja hain..i don’t think ki log itne bure ho sakte hain.real life main bhi itne bure log nhi hote mere hisab se jitne bure log ekta kapoor ma’am ki serial par milte hain..don’t mind..sharlyn aur kitne din pregnant rehne waali hain..still with a flat belly.okay maan liya year nehi hua hain lekin mahina toh ho gaya hain na.jyada nahi toh thoda sa toh dikhna chahiye ki voh pregnant hain..mahesh uncle ka to pata nehi kab entry hogi..?kuch atcha dikhao isse pehle ki fan’s show dekhna bandh karde..i love the show..i love both preeta karan.nd whole kundali team..with sabki maa sarla maa..nd shrist as she is an excellent choti behen..nd also ekta ma’am.. i respect u.ishlie aab tak dekh rahi hoon.

  11. balagi kay seriels dekhne wala hi bewaqoof hai yaha hamesha burai win hote hai negitivity ki dukan please public kay reviews dekh kay to story sahi track par lao yaar aur bhi bhot se channels pe bahot ache ache seriels ate hai hum bewaqoofo ki tarha yeh hi kiyou dekhein

  12. I think the best comment is from Mrs Ayesha. This Ekta Madam lacks imagination. Is Karan the actor of the series or is he the villain? Shirleen is permanently pregnant and Noone knows. Everyone can be against Preeta but not Karan. Kara’s profile must be romantic and he must be in love with Preeta. The father of Karan remains eternally in Coma. . Ekta must learn from American series. Needs lots of improvement.

  13. This serial glorifies evil and thinks that the audience is dumb like the scriptwriter and director. That Sherlyn can’t be pregnant forever. What a disgusting story line. My maid watches this serial and I hope she does not get all those horrible ideas about murdering people. If the women in high class India are like Mahira and Sherlyn then India is doomed..what a [email protected]

  14. This show is crazy…. I wonder how they are winning awards for it….. If you don’t watch the show for a month… U will Stil know what’s happening….. Terrible ?

    • Ya exactly..I wonder..how can a dumb drama..which leading us to no where can win so many awards… keep repeating kidnaping murders (with no trace protraying bad imej of india) negative plotting every now and then plus sherlins’s permanent pregnancy with a flat tummy….n mostly the bad guys win n they thank god for it…so stupid!… Simply it’s just ridiculous . message to ekta Kapoor pls move on..bring some positivety to the drama…beautiful people acting in dumb story line.

  15. In kundali bhagya mahesh ji solve all such problem,preeta are suffering too much with Sherilyn conspiracy with damage to preeta. Serial are very good but messages reach public are negative. Preetam problem is softened for Luthra but long awaited to be solved.

  16. I feel its the negativity within Ekta Kapoor herself that is why negative characters are strong in Kundli Bhagaya, its been more than a year now since Shyrleen got pregnant and no one even know about it except the Arora’s and they are so goof to prove it moreover the in the accident sequence the Police officer is so insane that he even didn’t bother to investigate and went to the spot where the accident happened and he put Préta behind the bars oh wow what a lame execution of the scenario.Please move forward bring some positivity in the drama, All the goons are moving happily and freely and this is what Ekta Kapoor wants to show.

  17. Waste of time..kundali is becoming boring.when will der be happiness..its not worth watching or paying for..thumbs down for the producer

  18. I am angry at myself for continuing to watch kundali bhagya. So many things don’t connect! Preeta is always at the receiving end and is so dumb that she can’t explain herself out of any situation. And sherlyn and Prithvi are super smart that they scheme and plot yet they are never found. Sherlyn’s pregnancy is something I find difficult to understand. Probably Ektaa thinks the audience are dumb! Sherlyn claimed that preeta was at the scene of the Accident, she was also there and everyone knows that sherlyn hates preeta. If preeta can be accused of attempting to kill Mahira why cant sherlyn be accused of framing preeta? Cant karan think along that line? The good people tend to be dumb and docile, Rakhi, karan, preeta and even rishab. See how he allowed himself to be talked into marrying sherlyn. Again, Rakhi is so dumb she allows kareena to take big decisions about her children. Pls Ekta should be told to either end the program or change her story line. The audience is tired! Same goes for kumkum bhaghya! Aliya and Rhea get away with so much evil and mischief! I’m just tired of these serials!


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