Kullfi Kumaar StarPlus Chalu masterplan Lovely stunner

Kullfi Kumaar StarPlus Chalu masterplan Lovely stunner

Kullfi Kumaar StarPlus Chalu masterplan Lovely stunner Kulfi and Amyra cry after Kulfi sings the emotional song for Sikandar. Chalu tries to make Amyra understand Kulfi. She wants Amyra to know Kulfi’s true emotions. Kulfi prays for some solution to help Sikandar. Kulfi gets Jacob’s passport. She tells Chalu that she found the passport of Dr. Jacob. Chalu tells her that maybe Sikandar has kept Jacob captive as well, just like she has hidden Sikandar from the family. She tells that they need to find Jacob soon. Kulfi isn’t sure, but doubts. Chalu tells that they have to give Jacob’s passport to the police. Chalu contacts the police.

The police informs that they have got Jacob’s passport and the note to ask for help. Lovely asks why would Jacob send the note, when he has run away to get saved from the police. Chalu finds her giving the statement confidently. She thinks Lovely has done something. She wants the police to find out. Chalu tries to know the matter from Cutie and Beauty. She makes a plan with Kulfi. Chalu asks her aides to spike the drugs for Cutie and Beauty. She makes the ladies dance and talks to them, while she makes them consume the spiked drinks.

She asks them about Lovely hiding Jacob. Cutie doesn’t want to tell anything. Beauty tells her that Jacob is with her but she won’t be able to see. Chalu doesn’t understand her words. She tries to solve the riddle that Jacob is around, and still they aren’t able to find him. She tells Kulfi that they have to crack the riddle and find the doctor so that he can cure Sikandar. Lovely finds Cutie and Beauty intoxicated and scolds them for their mistake. They tell Lovely that they don’t remember how they got drugged.


Lovely tells them that Chalu would have drugged her. She asks them if they have told anyone about Jacob. They don’t remember anything and anger her further. Kulfi, Sittu, Mohendar and Chalu get together to find Jacob. They wonder if Lovely has hidden Jacob at home itself. They try to find Jacob. Lovely learns their plan to find the doctor. She praises Chalu’s smartness and tells that she accepts that Chalu is the cunning Nimrat. Chalu gets puzzled with Lovely’s changed behavior.

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Best comment by Hafeela Akbar:

The turn of events in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is good now with Kulfi’s Uncle Sittu coming into the scene and also bringing Chalu to continue to pose as Kulfi’s mother Nimrat. This has made Kulfi stronger as unity is strength and is very important to get Sikander out of his present health condition as otherwise Kulfi could have got into a nervous breakdown as it is too much for a child of her age. It is wonderful to observe that Chalu has turned over a new leaf and using her crafty tactics to do good deeds.

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  1. Yes it’s nice to see chalu support kulfi by using her clever tricks Amyra should also support kulfi if she wants her father back to health. Every body is waiting for sikandar to be back in his form. We love sikandar and kulfi very much

  2. Great to see things working out for Kulfi and Sikandar. However still feel it’s too soon for the show to end
    My favourite show, it’s been riddled with misfortunes, would have been good to see the three of them happily together, going ahead in life

  3. Don’t think the show is ending due to new time slot, but due to Loveleen evil ways towards a child and doing wrong with her own child. People don’t like that.

  4. We want to see kulfi for years to come as it’s a great serial and variety of turns and twists
    We pray Dr Jacob surfaces ,as he is a n NRI and he has to be found out

  5. Although an act, it is heartening to see that Chalu is posing as a mother to Kulfi, and along with her two male assistants, is going all out to save Sikkander from Loveleen’s clutches and get him cured through their quest in the search of Dr. Jacob Shepherd.
    With Kulfi singing the sad song and Amyra listening with tears in her eyes, she can be made to realise the bond of love that Sikkander created with his two daughters when living in the chawl when he was diagnosed with no cure and a quick death.
    If I remember right, if Chalu was the abandoned baby girl but can be made here as another sister to Sittu and Nimrat, the end can be made happier with Sikkander recovering from his illness and be a loving husband to Chalu who needs a better life for her sincerity.
    Amyra can always be a beloved daugher to Sikkander and loving sister to Kulfi.
    Loveleen should be arrested for her crimes and after a term of imprisonment, she could be allowed to go her way as she does not love Sikkander truly but is only interested in wealth and property.

    Thank you.


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