Chahatein Rudraksh Saransh connect Prisha admits truth

Chahatein Rudraksh Saransh connect Prisha admits truth

Chahatein Rudraksh Saransh connect Prisha admits the truth Prisha and Saransh get into an emotional moment. She explains him that its a game and they have to surely win it by staying strong. She asks Saransh not to insist to be with her, they have to live separated and show their strength. Saransh doesn’t want to play any nonsense game that separates them. She convinces him to make her win. She sends him to her parents. Yuvraj acts like a good father for Saransh. He pacifies Prisha. Gopal asks Prisha if she had really committed the crime.

She doesn’t want to lie and prefers to not answer. She tells that she doesn’t want to talk about the accident. Gopal questions Yuvraj if he has seen Prisha hitting Rajeev by the car. Yuvraj lies to him that he is the prime witness. He tells that Prisha is sensible, she lost control when Rajeev threatened about Saransh. Gopal regrets that Prisha had committed a crime. Yuvraj doesn’t want Prisha to tell the truth to her parents. He sends her parents away. He meets Prisha to fool her emotionally.


She tells him that she has made this sacrifice for him, since he was doing everything for Saransh. She tells that she believes him that he will free her from the jail. She wants him to take care of her family like always. He finds her foolish. Ahana and Mishika return home. They get a huge shock on knowing about Rajeev’s death. Ahana sheds few tears. Ahana mourns for Rajeev and consoles Rudraksh. Rudraksh cares for Rajeev’s wound. He gets too emotional. His parents cry seeing his sorrow.

The family cries for Rajeev and takes him for the final rites. Saransh reaches Rudraksh to take help for Prisha. He finds Rudraksh unresponsive on pandit’s call. He lights the funeral pyre unknowingly and does a son’s duty towards Rajeev. Rudraksh doesn’t know about Saransh and Yuvraj’s connection. Prisha regrets to accept the crime. She tells the truth that she is innocent, someone else is responsible for Rajeev’s death. Will Yuvraj get caught? Keep reading.

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