Kundali Bhagya Special Episode Preeran awaited romance

Kundali Bhagya Special Episode Preeran awaited romance

Kundali Bhagya Special Episode Preeran awaited romance Kareena and Ramona want to know about Rakhi. Shrishti witnesses Kareena’s calls on Rakhi’s phone and disconnects. She doesn’t want everyone’s mood to get spoiled. Janki laughs a lot. Rishabh asks Janki why is she behaving weird. Shrishti tells Rishabh that Janki got drunk, being happy that Preeta came back home. Sarla tells that Rakhi had drunk plenty of cough syrup. Rakhi promises to fix everything in Preeta’s life. Sarla hugs Rakhi with much affection. Rishabh and Rakhi make a leave. Sarla gets emotional and hugs her daughters.

Karan finds the girls talking ill about Preeta. He defends Preeta and scolds the girls for backbiting. He tells that Preeta didn’t harm Mahira. He wants to realize the truth. He doesn’t know why he is protecting Preeta’s image. Rakhi wants to talk to Mahira about Preeta. Mahira returns home and spends time with the family. Rakhi requests Mahira to withdraw the complaint. Mahira doesn’t want to do it. Ramona gets wishes for her birthday. The entire family dines together. Karan tries to clear his dilemma about Preeta.

He is lost in his thoughts. Dadi asks Karan to finish breakfast and go. Rishabh asks Karan not to think much and meet Preeta. He tells that Preeta wants to meet him. He doesn’t want Karan to fight with Preeta. Karan refuses to him. Rishabh wishes him all the best. Rishabh knows Karan will definitely meet Preeta. Mahira is mistaken. She thinks Karan didn’t decide to meet Preeta. Sarla takes Janki’s class. She wants Janki and Shrishti to do their work and not burden Preeta. Janki wants to throw a party so that they can celebrate Preeta’s return.

Preeta tells them that they will have sweets and celebrate. Karan comes for his practice. He misses Preeta in her cabin. His friend Sahil asks Karan about Preeta again. Karan tells him that Preeta and her husband are coming close. He lies that the couple is planning for honeymoon. Janki wants to make a cake. Sarla and Janki’s cute arguments make Preeta laugh. On the other hand, Sherlyn visits the police station to know about Preeta’s case. She wants Preeta to get jailed again. She tells the inspector that she holds evidence against Preeta. She tells that she was making a video of the kids playing there, and Preeta’s crime also got recorded.

She asks inspector to check the video and not spare Preeta. She shows the edited video. She thinks inspector will arrest Preeta again. She wants to see who saves Preeta this time. Karan visits Preeta’s house. He doesn’t have any answer for his absence. He gains courage to confront her. Sarla doesn’t want to bless Karan. Karan gets smitten by Preeta’s beauty. He likes her wearing his gifted dupatta. He tells Sarla that he came to give the cheque to Preeta for Dadi’s treatment. He apologizes to Preeta. He tells her that he wanted to meet her. They both have a moment. He isn’t sure of her mistake.

He gets lying to her about his emotions. He feels she is really magical, since he can’t get angry on her. She tells him that she is wearing his gifted dupatta. He compliments her. He feels he is going mad after getting into a moment with Preeta. Sherlyn rushes home to break the good news to Mahira. She tells Mahira that she will send Preeta back to the jail by using the video recording. Mahira admits that she fell down on her own. Sherlyn knows it well. She tells Mahira that she had got the video edited to trap Preeta. She promises to get Karan and Mahira married. Mahira praises Sherlyn’s smartness and thanks her.

Sherlyn finds Mahira foolish since Mahira didn’t ask about the video recording. Sherlyn is happy that everything is under control. Karan falls for Preeta once again, when they get into a romantic moment. Karan expresses his love after a long time. Preeta sheds tears of joy. Shrishti spies on Preeta. She finds Preeta and Karan romancing. She can’t get happier than this. She wants the moment to get more romantic. She doesn’t disturb them and keeps Sarla away from Preeta’s room. She lies that Karan has gone to the terrace. Sarla tells that she wanted Karan to take Preeta home. She cries on her hopes.

Shrishti wants Karan and Preeta to confess love like normal people and unite. She feels they were looking lovely together. Karan and Preeta get closer while romancing under the shower. Karan falls down on the slippery floor. Sarla gets alert and wants to check. Preeta worries for Karan’s fall. Shrishti stops Sarla and Janki from entering Preeta’s room. She doesn’t want them to disturb the couple’s romance. Preeta cares for Karan’s injury. Sarla doubts further when Shrishti stops her. She enters the room and finds Preeta and Karan together. Karan tells that he fell down and got hurt.

Sarla questions them about their drenched clothes. Preeta has no answer. Preeta cares for her husband. Kareena cheers up Ramona. She doesn’t think Preeta will plan any attack on Mahira again. Ramona misses to see Mahira happy. Kareena tells that they will not cancel the party. Rishabh meets Sherlyn to question her about the FIR. Shrishti lies to Sarla about Karan and Preeta. Karan is glad to get saved. Shrishti makes sure that Karan feels like home. She sends Sarla and Janki away to get tea. Karan demands black coffee. Shrishti wants Karan and Preeta’s misunderstanding to get clear. Karan wants to believe in Preeta’s love.

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Best Comment by Sunita George:

Sherlyn is keeping on doing wrong and killing people and not getting caught for almost 5 yrs now. Preeta is getting accused several times n now Mahira has come to add up with Sherlyn. Please Ekta ji enough is enough. It’s high time Sherlyn should be caught and Preeta should never forgive Karan and in fact she should marry Rishabh after Sherlyn goes to jail.


  1. The episode is quite good. But when Preeta will again get arrested then will Karan help her. If he does not, then it will be the silliest thing Karan would have ever done. After confessing his love for Preeta he should help and trust Preeta.

  2. Preeta karan ke sath hi achchi lagti hai bas ab sharlin ki sachayi Sab ke saamne aani hi chahiye aur karan ke character mein bhi sudhar karna chahiya aap serial ko interested banane ke chakkar mein au

    r boring banarahe ho kahin aisana ho ki trp badne ki bajaye aur Kam ho jaye????

  3. Yes enough is enough, don’t make it boring or people will stop watching it,if this continues means stop sherlyn right now,how can a bad image person can go so far,

    • Are yar Ab to sarlin ka sach lao…. Like seriously…. Koi logic Ni smj aata,abhi tk pregnant sharlin ka Sch Ni llare…… N Karan ko v punishment milna chahye Bht saara, he dsrv it, Kaisi dosti yar,,, no trust

  4. Ekta ji
    Enough is enough. Sherlyn keep on doing bad things and getting away with the crime. When Will Mahesh come out from coma. If this is going to happen again and again then people will stop watching.


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