Kulfi Kumar First major victory Lovely upsetting revelation

Kulfi Kumar First major victory Lovely upsetting revelation

Kulfi Kumar First major victory Lovely upsetting revelation Chalu lies that she has lost her precious earring. She asks everyone to just find it. She tells them that she wants the earrings at any cost. Chalu and her aides actually try to find Jacob hidden inside the house just like they have found Sikandar in the secret chamber. Mohendar doesn’t want Lovely to know their plans. He thinks to drop his glasses by some excuse so that Lovely doesn’t check the recorder to know their next plan. Mohendar drops his glasses down and steps on it to crush it so that the recorder gets destroyed. He succeeds in destroying it, but Lovely catches him.

She gets another spy recorder from his pocket and learns Kulfi and Chalu’s planning to find Jacob in the house. She rages up on Mohendar for acting clever and going against her, even when Gunjan is in her clutches. She wants to punish him for his drama. She calls her goon and asks him not to give food to Gunjan for two days. Kulfi wants to know where did Lovely hide Jacob. Lovely asks the goon to not let Gunjan sleep. Mohendar cries on hearing this. Lovely thinks to keep Chalu close to know her plans. She behaves nicely with Chalu. Chalu gets puzzled.

Lovely praises her a lot. Cutie tries to talk to Sittu nicely. She asks Sittu about his village home and life. Lovely tells that Chalu aka Nimrat has the first right on Sikandar. Kulfi realizes that Lovely is misleading them. She sings a song to get her team back. Lovely tells Chalu that she will take her to washroom. Chalu calls someone and then comes out.

She calls the pest control official and asks Lovely to vacate the house, since they have to stop the pests from spreading into the entire building. Lovely tells that her house is free of pests, she doesn’t want any free service. The man proves that there are cockroaches in her house. He starts the pest control. Lovely asks Cutie to keep an eye on Kulfi. Kulfi and Chalu try to find Jacob. Lovely asks Beauty if Kulfi is with Sikandar. Beauty asks her to stay relieved, Kulfi isn’t close in sight.

Kulfi finds a huge trunk and asks Sittu to check it. Chalu and Sittu try and open the trunk. They find Jacob in the bad state. They are much shocked knowing Lovely’s evil.

Chalu makes arrangements to save Jacob and sends him away from the house. Lovely realizes that Jacob has run away. She asks Beauty to find him. Lovely tells Kulfi that Sikandar can never get normal, there is no antidote to the drugs given to him. Kulfi slips in trauma on hearing this. Kulfi has full hope that Sikandar will recover. Lovely tries to break down Kulfi’s courage knowing Kulfi has rescued Dr. Jacob. Will Kulfi’s hearty connect help Sikandar recover? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Hafeela Akbar:

Although an act, it is heartening to see that Chalu is posing as a mother to Kulfi, and along with her two male assistants, is going all out to save Sikkander from Loveleen’s clutches and get him cured through their quest in the search of Dr. Jacob Shepherd. With Kulfi singing the sad song and Amyra listening with tears in her eyes, she can be made to realise the bond of love. If I remember right, if Chalu was the abandoned baby girl but can be made here as another sister to Sittu and Nimrat, the end can be made happier with Sikkander recovering from his illness and be a loving husband to Chalu who needs a better life for her sincerity.


  1. Sikander will recover from his illness give divorce to lovely and loving father and husband to his daughters snd chalu…

  2. Today’s episode was good with Kulfi realising Loveleen’s plan to be suddenly very kind to her, Chalu, Sittu and her assistants by singing a song for Chalu and the rest to take a hint that Loveleen’s, Cutie’s & Beauty’s acts were not genuine.
    Chalu was smart to act fast to call the pest control to come during which time Kulfi discovers the locked trunk and Dr. Jacob Shepherd is released.
    However, it is sad for Kulfi to be told that Sikkander will never recover when she has gone through so much & problems crop up again and again.
    If Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is to wind up soon, please show to the families and children of the many countries in the world, who are watching these series, first the powers of God with a miracle of curing Sikkander and the sweetness of music that can soften the heart of the most cruel person.
    As Kulfi too has spent almost two years of her lifetime in this story where, as a child she has lived and grown up in it, she too would be happy if Sikkander is cured.
    It is a good message to the world of children that only faith in God and good deeds will be victorious.


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