Shakti Naati Pinki Colors Upcoming Spoilers Snips

Shakti Naati Pinki Colors Upcoming Spoilers Snips

Shakti Naati Pinki Colors Upcoming Spoilers Snips Rohan and Soham get doubtful seeing Virat going from there. Heer gets tensed and makes an excuse. Later, she comes to know about college farewell party and decides to go. She comes home and asks Preeto to give her permission to go to college farewell party. Preeto doesn’t permit her. Heer gets adamant saying I will go to the party. Preeto slaps her. Virat tells Parmeet that he wants to go to college farewell party. Simran says if Dad comes to know about party then? Virat says Dad is not my life’s God. Daljeet hears him and slaps Virat.

Heer gets ready to go to party and wears an outfit. Virat seeks Dadu’s help and asks how to go to party, as Parmeet and Daljeet are sitting downstairs. Dadu suggests him to go out through the window. Virat thinks to go. Heer comes down ready and smiles. Preeto and Harak Singh are shocked seeing her modern dressing. Virat and Heer rebel to reach the party. Both of them are seen having a similar behavior with the family.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story: Pinky catches Gagan’s lie and refuses to go with him. Gagan is shocked. Ram assures Gagan that he will send Pinky by morning. He asks Nalini to send Pinky by 6 am in the morning and asks her to make all the arrangements to send her off. He says my prestige is related to this alliance and reminds that this marriage can’t be broken at any circumstances. Later, Pinky goes to terrace for some reason and Arjun thinks she went upstairs to commit suicide. He rushes there and calls her. Pinky looks at him and falls off the railing, but Arjun holds her hand.

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